How to Clean Epson XP 410 Printhead?

Cleaning the print head is an essential task to be carried out for printer maintenance and better ink quality. If the printer yields poor printing quality and the nozzle check pattern displays clogged nozzles, you are recommended to perform how to clean Epson XP 410 Printhead.


Using the Printer’s Control Panel:

  1. Switch ON the Epson XP 410 printer and load a stack of plain paper into the paper input tray.
  2. Press the Home button and select the Setup option using the left or right arrow keys.
  3. Select the Maintenance option with the help of arrow keys and press the OK button.
  4. Choose the Head Cleaning option from the displayed list and press OK.
  5. “Now”, press the Start button on the printer to execute the cleaning operation.
  6. Make sure not to turn off your printer during the cleaning process.
  7. The power light blinks during the cleaning process and turns solid green after the scanning completes.
  8. Tap the Nozzle Check option and press the OK button.
  9. Now, check whether the print head is clean. 
  10. If not, rerun the nozzle check up to four or five times.
  11. If the problem persists, replace the existing print head with a new one.

Using the Computer Utility:

  1. You can also clean the Epson print head using the computer utility.
  2. Turn on both the Epson XP 410 printer and the computer.
  3. Check whether the hardware connections are proper and verify that both are connected to the same wireless network.
  4. Load a stack of plain paper into the machine’s input tray.
  5. If you are using Windows, give a right-click on the printer icon located on the taskbar.
  6. If you have Mac OS X 10.5, navigate to the Apple menu or Dock and select System Preferences –> Print & Fax.
  7. Choose your product name and select Open Print Queue –> Utility.
  8. If you have Mac OS X 10.6 and higher versions, select the System Preferences from the Apple menu and click Print & Fax/Print & Scan followed by your printer name.
  9. Click Options & Supplies –> Utility –> Open Printer Utility.
  10. Now, select the Head Cleaning option and click the Start button in the Head Cleaning window. 
  11. Wait until the print head cleaning process completes, and the power buttons turn into solid green.
  12. Click on the Print Nozzle Check Pattern option and select the Print button. 
  13. If the print head is clean, the printed pattern will display better results.
  14. If not, continue cleaning the head for four or five times.
  15. As a last resort, replace the print head on the Epson XP 410 printer. Now, how to clean Epson XP 410 Printhead process successfully completed.