Epson ET-16500 Troubleshooting Solution

Epson ET-16500 is a wireless color all-in-one Supertank printer that is designed to perform printing, scanning, faxing, and copy operations. This amazing device produces outstanding quality print output while performing all the Epson printer tasks. Yet, it might sometimes encounter certain issues while being operated. Whatever problem it might encounter, all the effective solutions for different kinds of issues are addressed on this site. For Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting solutions apart from the issues addressed here, get the updated user manual from this site and refer to those instructions. Also, contact our technical team by clicking the CALL button to resolve the printer problems.

Guide: Epson ET-16500 Print Head Cleaning

Print head cleaning is essential if the Epson ET-16500 printer is printing the documents with poor print quality. If there are any clogged nozzles, then the print head should be cleaned. Cleaning the printhead is impossible with low ink levels in your printer’s ink tanks. So, ensure the ink tanks are full. Then, use these steps to clean the print head.

  1. Load the printer with enough paper.
  2. Go to the printer’s control panel.
  3. Press Home.
  4. Choose Setup.
  5. Select the Maintenance option.
  6. Tap on Print Head Cleaning.
  7. Select Proceed.
  8. Choose the cleaning cycle as per your wish.
  9. Press Color.
  10. Choose Print Nozzle Check Pattern.
  11. Press Color. This is to confirm if the print head is clean.

Epson ET-16500 Print Head Replacement

Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting printer head. The Epson ET-16500 printer’s print head replacement cannot be done on your own unless you are a technician or professional. There is no built-in option for print head replacement as well. It is only possible to clean the print head and align it. The print head alignment process is given below. After cleaning the print head, use these steps to align it.

Align the Print head using the printer’s control panel:

  1. Load some paper in the cassette.
  2. Press Home and choose Setup.
  3. Now, choose Maintenance > Print Head Alignment.
  4. Choose either Vertical Alignment or Horizontal Alignment.
  5. Press Color. An alignment sheet will be printed.
  6. Check the printed patterns and select Proceed.
  7. Finally, choose Done.

Epson ET-16500 Maintenance Box Replacement

Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting Maintenance box. Make sure you have a new maintenance box before starting the process. Also, remember that the used maintenance box should not be reused. The maintenance box should be kept away from the direct sunlight.

  1. Take the new maintenance box out from its package. Avoid touching the green chip on the maintenance box.
  2. Open the rear cover on the printer by pressing the tabs.
  3. Hold the maintenance box and pull it out from its holder.
  4. Dispose of the used maintenance box carefully.
  5. Now, insert the new maintenance box into the correct holder. Push it until it fixes properly and close the rear cover.

That’s it, the maintenance box has been replaced on your Epson ET-16500 printer.

Epson ET-16500 Troubleshooting Guidance

Due to various reasons, the Epson ET-16500 printer might encounter several issues related to printing, scanning, faxing, or copying. Quick troubleshooting solutions for the most common printer issues are provided here. Some of the common issues detailed on this site are:

  1. Printer Offline
  2. Paper Jam issue
  3. Paper feed problem
  4. Not printing issue
  5. Not printing blue
  6. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi
  7. Not scanning

Fixed: Epson ET-16500 Offline

  1. Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting offline issue. Check if the Use Printer Offline feature on your PC is disabled. If it is not disabled, then turn it off first.
  2. To check whether the above mentioned featured is disabled or not, follow these steps.
  3. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.
  4. Enter Control Panel and tap Enter.
  5. Click on Devices and Printers.
  6. Right-click on the Epson ET-16500 printer icon.
  7. Choose See what’s printing.
  8. From the toolbar, click on Printer.
  9. Check if the Use Printer Offline feature is disabled or enabled.
  10. Remember, this feature should be disabled.
  11. After disabling it, click on Printer and set it as the default printer.
  12. Exit the current window and check if the Printer Offline issue is cleared.

Fix Epson ET-16500 Paper Jam Error

  1. First, cancel the print job.
  2. Check if the media is jammed inside the printer.
  3. If the jammed media is found in the rear paper feed slot, then remove it completely.
  4. Also, check the scanner unit. If the jammed media is found, clear it completely.
  5. See if the media is jammed in the paper cassette. If yes, then carefully remove it.
  6. Check whether the media is jammed in the duplexer. If yes, then clear it carefully.
  7. Remove the jammed media from the ADF as well. Sometimes, the document might get jammed in ADF (Automatic document feeder).

Once the jammed paper has been cleared from the printer, try to print again and check if the Paper jam issue is resolved.

Epson ET-16500 paper feed problem

If there is a paper feed problem on your Epson ET-16500 printer, then try these Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting solutions.

  1. During the printing operation, if the paper does not feed properly, then remove the media from the paper cassette or rear feed slot. Reload the media and then adjust the edge guides. Ensure that the media stack is not placed above the tab inside the cassette.
  2. Remember to push the paper cassette completely into the printer.
  3. Make sure that multiple pages are not fed into the printer. If multiple media are feed, then remove them from the cassette. Fan the edges of the media to separate them. Then reload the media in the printer.
  4. Check for the media limit in the printer and ensure that you have not exceeded the maximum limit.
  5. Verify if the installed media meets all the given requirements.
  6. If the paper jam issue arises while performing duplex printing, then load fewer sheets.
  7. Confirm that the media is installed in the cassette with the printable side down.

If all the above conditions are fulfilled and still the paper feed problem occurs, then call us to avail remote assistance.

Solved: Epson ET-16500 Not Printing

The Epson ET-16500 wireless printer is mainly designed to produce high-quality printouts. But for some reason, it might stop performing printing operation or prints nothing on the installed media. If this is the case, then try the Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting instructions given below.

  1. Before starting the troubleshooting process, ensure the printer is switched on.
  2. The interface cables connected between the devices should be secure.
  3. If the printer is connected using a USB hub, ensure that it is a first-tier hub. If yes, and the printer is still not printing, then connect the printer directly to the PC. Now, the printer will start to print.
  4. Run a printer check. See if the test page prints or not. If printed, check if the printer software is installed correctly on the connected PC.
  5. Also, confirm that the printer is selected as a default device on your PC.
  6. Try to clear all the print jobs from the Windows spooler and check if the printing issue is resolved.

Solved: Epson ET-16500 Not Printing Blue

Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting not printing blue color, follow our simple steps given below.

  1. Make sure the ink tank is full. If the blue ink tank is low or empty, the printer will not print.
  2. Also, it is important to verify if the printer is clogged. If yes, then clear it and then try to print. The printer will now print the blue ink.
  3. If the issue persists, make sure the installed ink tanks are genuine.
  4. Ensure that the blue ink tank is installed in the correct slot.
  5. After checking all the above conditions, if the printer is still not printing the blue color, then contact our technical expert for assistance.

Fix Epson ET-16500 Won’t Connect To Wifi

Carry-out the below given instructions to do Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting the wifi issues

  1. If the printer is connected using WPS and the Wi-Fi icon is not lit or does not display on the control panel screen, then move the printer close to the router.
  2. Make sure the router or the access point you are using is operating correctly.
  3. Try to disable the firewall or any other anti-virus software on your access point or router.
  4. Confirm that there are no restrictions added on router or access point settings.
  5. Check if the network name and password are entered correctly.
  6. If the above given conditions are fulfilled, but the printer fails to detect the Wi-Fi network, contact us and our experts will help you resolve the issue.

Resolved: Epson ET-16500 Won’t Scan

  1. Confirm that the PC has enough memory and fulfills the system requirements.
  2. Check if the PC is running in a power-saving mode. If yes, then immediately wake the PC. Then restart the scanning software on it.
  3. Try to reinstall the scanning software if you did not reinstall it after upgrading the OS.
  4. Check if the antivirus software on your PC is blocking the scanning software or the Epson Event Manager program.

Epson et 16500 reset

If you want Epson ET-16500 troubleshooting the common issue, just reset it. The following are the instructions to complete it.

  1. Go to the printer’s control panel, choose Home.
  2. Select Setup. Locate System Administration and choose it. Type the administrator password.
  3. Scroll down the page. Then choose Restore Default Settings.
  4. A screen opens displaying the below options on the image. Choose one of the options.
  5. A confirmation screen displays.
  6. Choose Yes and the selected settings will be reset.