Epson ET-2650 Troubleshooting

Some of the common Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting steps are given on this page. It is always better to read the User Guide manual before you operate the printer. If you need technical assistance, click the Call button to contact our support member. They help you in resolving the Epson ET-2650 printer problems.

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Paper Jam Error

  1. Remove the paper jammed, if any, from the rear paper feed slot.
  2. Raise the Epson ET-2650 printer’s scanner unit.
  3. Clear any jammed paper, including a torn piece of paper from the inside of the printer.
  4. Close the printer’s scanner unit properly.
  5. Carry out the instructions as displayed on the LCD panel to clear any error messages.

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Paper Feed Error

  1. Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting the paper feed problem, using the below steps
  2. Remove the paper that you have placed in the sheet feeder.
  3. Reload enough plain paper in the sheet feeder. Move the edge guide against the paper edge.
  4. Make sure that the loaded paper does not exceed the maximum paper limit.
  5. If you feed multiple pages at the same time, fan the edges before loading them in the sheet feeder.
  6. Ensure that your paper meets the specifications.
  7. The manufacturer recommends the user to use only smooth and high-quality paper. The paper must not be curled, creased, or old.
  8. Keep in mind that you have to place the paper with its printable side facing up in the sheet feeder.

Solved: Epson ET-2650 Not Printing

  1. Check if the Epson ET-2650 printer is turned on.
  2. Make sure that you have established a secure connection between the printer and your computer.
  3. You have to connect the printer to the computer without using a USB hub.
  4. Print a test page. If it prints, then the issue is not with the printer but the printer software, which might not be installed correctly. In such cases, re-install the printer software on the computer.
  5. If you are printing a large file, your computer might not have enough memory. So, lower the resolution and print the large file.
  6. Clear any stalled or paused print jobs from the Print Queue.
  7. If necessary, set your printer as the default source for printing.
  8. Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting the not printing issue.

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Scanner Not Working

  1. Make sure the Epson ET-2650 printer is turned on.
  2. The interface cable that is connected between the Epson printer and your computer should be securely plugged.
  3. Your computer should have adequate memory and make sure it meets the system requirements.
  4. Ensure that the computer is not running in a power-saving mode. If so, wake your computer and restart the scanning program.
  5. If you have upgraded your computer OS but did not re-install the scanning program yet, re-install it.

Fixed: Epson ET-2650 Not Connect to Wifi

  1. Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting wifi. If you are connecting the printer to Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), make sure to press the Wi-Fi button on the printer’s control panel within 2 minutes of pressing the WPS button on your router.
  2. Place the printer within the contact range of the router. Do not place any interference objects like a microwave oven, cordless phone, or large metal object between them.
  3. If necessary, disable the router’s firewall.
  4. Make sure the printer’s firmware is up-to-date.
  5. If you are connecting the Epson printer to a wireless network by selecting the network name, your router might not broadcast its SSID sometimes. In such cases, enter the SSID manually.
  6. If the issue persists, reset the printer and try connecting to the router.

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Driver is Unavailable

  1. The installed printer driver may be incorrect. Delete the existing printer driver.
  2. Visit the official Epson web page and download the correct Epson ET-2650 printer driver.
  3. Note: Make sure you have chosen your computer’s OS correctly in the Operating System field.
  4. Double-click the downloaded printer driver.
  5. Carry out the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.

Solve Epson ET-2650 Communication Error

  1. Carry our the steps for Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting communication error
  2. Remove the printer’s power cable from the power source.
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and your computer.
  4. Shut down the computer. Wait for a minute.
  5. Reconnect the power cable to the Epson ET-2650 printer and the power source.
  6. Re-plug the USB cable into the printer’s rear port and the computer’s USB port.
  7. Power up the Epson ET-2650 printer and then turn on the computer.
  8. If necessary, update the printer’s driver and firmware.
  9. Check if the communication error has been resolved. If not, run the printer troubleshooter on the computer.

Fixed: Epson ET-2650 Fatal Error

  1. Disconnect the printer’s power cable from the power source.
  2. Leave it for 5 minutes.
  3. Reconnect the printer’s power cable to the power source.
  4. Turn on the Epson ET-2650 printer.
  5. Re-install the ink cartridges.
  6. If you see any dust particles on the paper path, clean them.
Epson ET-2650 Troubleshooting Fatal Error

Epson ET-2650 Troubleshooting Error Codes

A few of the common error codes that occur on the Epson ET-2650 printer and the instructions to troubleshoot them are given on this page.

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Error e-01

  1. Power cycle the Epson ET-2650 printer.
  2. Uninstall and re-install the correct printer driver on your computer.
  3. Remove the ink cartridges from the printer and place them correctly in their slots.
  4. Wipe off any dust inside the printer.
  5. Check if any paper is jammed in the printer and clear it

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Error w-01 Code

  1. Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting W-01 error code
  2. Clear the jammed paper inside the printer.
  3. Continue with the LCD panel instructions to clear the error message.
  4. If the error W-01 persists, turn off the printer. After a minute, turn on the Epson ET-2650 printer.

Fix: Epson ET-2650 Error Code 00041

  1. Delete the existing printer driver from your computer.
  2. Download the most recent version of the Epson ET-2650 printer driver from the manufacturer website.
  3. Install it by performing the computer’s on-screen steps.
  4. If the error code 00041 persists, re-install the ink cartridges.

Epson Et-2650 Error e11

  1. To resolve the error code E11 on the Epson ET-2650 printer, you need to perform ink pad replacement.
  2. However, the ink pad is not a user-replaceable part. You have to contact the Epson support team.

Epson Et-2650 Scanner Error e-02

  1. Epson ET-2650 troubleshooting scanner error.
  2. Turn off the Epson ET-2650 printer and turn it back on after a few moments.
  3. If the problem is not resolved, you have to contact the Epson support team.