Epson Et 2720 Scan To Email Setup

The EcoTank printer is one of the machines that support the all-in-one feature. If your home needs an affordable, fast, and easy-to-use printer, Epson ET 2720 is the one. Epson et 2720 scan to email is one of Epson ET 2720’s primary features. There are different methods when it comes to scanning to email. The first thing to do before doing a Scan job is the proper placement of the documents. The Epson ET 2720 printer has a scanner glass and not an Auto Document Feeder.

Placing The Document:

First, you need to check your Mac computer’s network connectivity, hardware connectivity, and device settings to solve the Epson printer offline issue.

  1. Open the document cover of the printer.
  2. Make sure the scanner glass is not having any dust.
  3. Place the original document you want to scan (with the print side facing down) on the scanner glass.
  1. Adjust the document according to the scanner glass guides.
  2. Close the scanner glass.
  3. Now, close the printer’s document cover.

Epson et 2720 scan to email From Printer Control Panel.

  1. Press the Home button on the Epson ET 2720 printer control panel.
  2. Use the navigation buttons on the control panel to select the Scan option.
  3. Press the OK button once done.

Under the Scan menu, you will find three options, namely:

  1. To Computer (JPEG)
  2. To Computer (PDF)
  3. To Computer (Email)
  4. To Computer (WSD)

Since we are looking at the steps to scan to email using the Epson ET 2720 printer, select To computer (Email).

  1. Once you select the option and press OK, the original placed on the printer will be scanned.
  2. It will be attached to the email application you are using.
  3. You can make changes like resizing the image according to your requirements.
  4. Press the Start button.

With the simple steps described here, you can easily set up your Epson ET 2720 scan to email. Click the CALL button pinned to this page for technical assistance.