Epson XP 330

Epson XP-330 Setup

Epson XP-330 is a wireless color photo printer. It comes with a color LCD panel, a flatbed scanner, and 100-sheet paper capacity. It supports wireless printing so that you can print remotely from any Wi-Fi enabled device. Epson XP-330 setup is quite simple if you follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Unpack the printer and take out the printer supplies such as power cord, user guide, software installation disc, and ink cartridges.
  2. Remove all the protective tapes from the printer.
  3. Connect your printer to an electrical outlet using the power cord supplied with the printer.
  4. Raise the printer’s control panel and press the Power button to turn it on.
  5. Open the printer’s scanner unit and unpack the ink cartridges.
  6. Make sure to shake the ink cartridges before unpacking them.
  7. Remove the yellow tape from the ink cartridge and install it into the ink holder.
  8. Repeat the same steps to install the other ink cartridges.
  1. Once installed, press the Start button to start ink priming.
  2. Wait until the ink priming process is completed.
  3. Next, raise the paper input tray and load a stack of legal white paper into it.
  4. Adjust the paper width guides according to the size of the paper placed on the tray.
  5. Navigate to the Epson XP-330 setup’s control panel and press the OK button.
  6. Configure the paper settings and press OK to confirm the selected settings.
  7. Install the printer software on your computer using the software installation disc.
  8. Once installed, verify the printer functionality by printing a test page from the computer.

Epson XP330 Driver Download

  1. You can download the Epson XP-330 printer’s driver by merely clicking the Driver Download button available on this page.
  2. Alternatively, download it directly from the official Epson site.
  3. When downloading the driver from the official Epson site, make sure to choose the correct OS from the Operating System drop-down menu.
  4. Also, select the full feature or combo package installer to access all the features of the printer.

Epson XP-330 Setup Manual Download

The Epson XP-330 printer’s manual is supplied along with the printer during the first-time purchase. You can also download it by clicking the Manual Download button available on this page. Otherwise, download it directly from the official Epson site. The manuals are available for download as PDFs. From the official Epson site you can download Start Here guide, User’s guide, Quick guide and warranty, and Safety datasheets. 

Epson XP-330 Wifi Setup

Before you start, make sure that you have a standard wireless network and make a note of the Wi-Fi credentials. Verify whether you have completed the basic printer settings as given in the Start Here sheet. If you have connected the Epson printer to the computer using a USB cable, disconnect it. 

Wireless setup using the printer’s buttons:

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi router, computer, and printer.
  2. Connect your computer to the same wireless network to which you wish to connect the printer.
  3. Once connected, start the driver installation with the help of the software installation disc.
  4. If your computer does not support the installation disc, download the printer driver.
  5. After completing the download, give a double-click on the installer file to launch the setup wizard.
  6. Agree to the EULA and choose the installation type.
  7. Select the additional components you wish to install and click the Install button.
  8. Once installed, the Select Your Connection screen will appear.
  9. Select the Wireless connection option and click the Next button.
  10. On the ‘Select Setup Option’ screen, select the ‘Set up printer for the first time’ option.
  11. If the Wi-Fi Auto Connect screen appears, click the No radio button.
  1. On the next screen, select the Using printer buttons option and click Next.
  2. Now, the instructions to connect your Epson XP-330 setup to the wireless network will appear on the screen.
  3. Navigate to the printer’s control panel and press the Home button.
  4. Press the left-arrow key and press OK to select the Wi-Fi Setup option.
  5. Choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and press the OK button.
  6. Select your wireless network name from the search result and enter the network key.
  7. After entering the network key, press the OK button and wait until the printer is connected to the wireless network.
  8. Once connected, a confirmation message will display on the LCD panel.
  9. Press the Start button to print the report.
  10. Return to the driver installation window and finish the rest of the on-screen instructions.
  11. Once you have completed the driver installation, verify the printer functionality by printing a test page remotely from the computer.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge Epson XP-330 Printer?

Replacing the ink cartridges are necessary if your printer runs out of ink. To replace your Epson XP-330 printer’s ink cartridges, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the Epson printer first.
  2. If the ink cartridge has been expended, a message will display on the LCD panel.
  3. Press the OK button and select the Replace Now option.
  4. Press the Home button and select the Setup option.
  5. Choose Maintenance and select the Ink Cartridge Replacement option using the navigation keys.
  6. Press the OK button and open the scanner unit.
  7. Squeeze the ink cartridge tab to remove the used ink cartridge.
  8. Once you have removed the used ink cartridge, replace it.
  9. Shake the new ink cartridge before unpacking it.
  10. Remove the yellow tape without touching the nozzle area.
  11. Install the new ink cartridge into the ink holder and close the scanner unit.
  12. Press the Start button to start ink charging.

Guide: Epson XP-330 Printer Double Sided Printing

  1. To perform duplex printing on your Epson XP-330 setup, load the supported plain paper into the printer’s paper tray.
  2. Make sure that your printer is turned on and connected to the computer.
  3. Open the document you wish to print on your computer.
  4. Open the Print dialog box by pressing the necessary printing commands (Ctrl + P).
  5. Choose your printer’s name in the Print dialog box and click the Properties button.
  6. In the Printing Preferences window, click the Main tab.
  7. Select either Manual (Long-edge binding) or Manual (Short-edge binding) from the 2-Sided Printing drop-down menu.
  8. Click the Settings button and select your settings for 2-sided printing.
  9. Click the OK button and select the document settings in the Main tab.
  10. After verifying the printing settings, click the OK button to start printing the document.

How to Load Paper in Epson XP-330?

  1. You can print documents and images using a variety of paper types and sizes on your Epson XP-330 printer.
  2. To load the paper, flip the feeder guard forward first.
  3. Next, pull out the paper support and extension from the printer.
  4. Take out the paper output tray and extend the paper stopper.
  5. Slide the edge guide towards left and load some legal white paper.
  6. Once loaded, slide the edge guides towards the right to touch the edges of the paper.
  7. Now, flip the feeder guard backward and check whether you have properly loaded the paper into the paper input tray.
How to Load Paper in Epson XP-330?

Steps: Epson XP-330 Scan to Computer

  1. Before scanning your document from the Epson XP-330 setup to your computer, verify whether they are connected together.
  2. Ensure that you have installed the compatible printer software and Epson Event Manager on your computer.
  3. Make sure that the Epson Event Manager program is not being blocked by any security software installed on your computer.
  4. Next, place the original document on the scanner glass.
  5. Navigate to the printer’s control panel and press the Home button.
  6. Select the Scan option using the navigation keys and press the OK button.
  7. On the next screen, select any one of the following scan options.
  8. To Computer (JPEG)
  9. To Computer (PDF)
  10. To Computer (Email)
  11. To Computer (WSD)
  12. Once selected, choose your computer.
  13. Finally, press the Start button to start scanning the original document.

Steps: Epson XP-330 Scan to Email

  1. First, make sure that your printer and computer are turned on and connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Place the original document properly on the scanner glass.
  3. Navigate to the printer’s control panel and press the Home button.
  4. Select the Scan option using the navigation keys and press the OK button.
  5. This will scan your original document and attach it to a new message on your email program.
  6. Select the To Computer (Email) option and choose your printer’s name from the displayed list.
  7. Once selected, press the Start button to scan your document.
Epson XP-330 Setup Scan to Email

Steps: Epson XP-330 Scan Multiple Pages

Scanning multiple pages using the Epson Scan software:

  1. First, connect the Epson XP-330 setup to the computer.
  2. Next, place the original document you wish to scan on the scanner glass.
  3. Make sure that your Epson printer is turned on.
  4. On your computer, launch the Epson Scan software.
  5. Select the scan mode from the Mode drop-down menu.
  6. Fill the Document Type, Document Source, Image Type, Resolution, and Document Size fields.
  7. Click the Preview button to preview the original document before scanning.
  8. If necessary, adjust the necessary settings.
  9. Click the Scan button to open the File Save Settings window.
  10. Select the PDF or Multi-TIFF file format from the Type drop-down menu.
  11. Make sure that the ‘Show Add Page dialog box after scanning’ checkbox.
  12. Click the OK button to start scanning your document.
  13. Once the first page is scanned, a dialog box will appear on your computer prompting you to proceed with scanning.
  14. Click OK and place the next document on the scanner glass.
  15. Using this procedure, you can scan multiple documents.

Epson Xp 330 Firmware Downgrade

  1. Before downgrading your Epson XP-330 printer’s firmware, remove all the ink cartridges installed on the printer. 
  2. Next, connect your printer to the computer using a standard USB cable.
  3. On the printer’s control panel, press and hold the Stop + Left Arrow + Power + Home buttons simultaneously.
  4. On your computer, download the older firmware from the official Epson site.
  5. After completing the download, run the downloaded firmware installer and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.
  6. The installed firmware will be transferred to the printer.
  7. Once completed, press the OK button.
  8. Restart your printer and install the ink cartridges when prompted by a message on the LCD panel.
Epson XP330 Printer Firmware Downgrade

Epson XP-330 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Troubleshooting your Epson XP-330 printer is very easy and simple if you follow the quick steps given on our site. You have to simply identify the error and carry out the specified troubleshooting steps. If you have difficulties in troubleshooting the printer issues, click the Call button available on this page to contact our technical support team.