Solved: Epson L805 Not Printing Color Properly

Generally, an issue or a problem can occur at any time when using the printer or performing printer-related operations. An “incorrect color printout” is a common problem encountered by many users. On this page, you’re going to see how to fix the Epson L805 not printing color properly problem.

The incorrect color printing issue may occur due to so many reasons. However, it is easy to resolve.

Resolving “Incorrect Color printing” on Epson L805

  1. As the first step of troubleshooting the “incorrect color printout” issue, check whether you have loaded the paper type that is recommended by the printer manufacturer. If not, remove the loaded paper and load the recommended one in your printer’s tray.
  2. After loading the paper, make sure to configure the paper type settings correctly.
  3. Secondly, check if the Grayscale or Black/Grayscale option is selected in the Print properties dialog box. If selected, unselect it and then perform the print operation.
  4. Check if your printer’s print head nozzles are clogged by printing a nozzle check pattern. If your printer nozzles are clogged, clean the print head to fix the issue. (Note: Scroll down this page to know how to run the nozzle check pattern and clean the print head.)
  1. Check the ink levels of your Epson L805 printer. If the tanks are empty or low, refill them and then perform the print operation.
  2. Use the Color Management option in the printer software. (Sometimes, the printout colors will not exactly match the on-screen colors. In this case, you can use this option.)
  3. Always use the genuine ink cartridges and the recommended paper type for printing.
  4. Run the Power Ink Flushing utility if you haven’t used your printer for too long. After running this utility, print a test page and check whether the Epson L805 not printing color properly issue is resolved.

Configuring the print settings (Windows)

  1. On your Windows computer, open the document or photo that you want to print.
  2. Go to the Print Properties dialog box by clicking File > Print or Print. In the opened dialog box, navigate to the Main tab and configure the basic settings, such as Document Size, Orientation, Quality, Paper Type, Color, etc., as per your preferences.

  1. In the same tab, select the Color option if you’re performing color printing. Similarly, select the Black/Grayscale option if you want your printouts only in black and white. When performing color printing, deselect the Black/Grayscale option if it is selected.
  2. After configuring the print settings, click the OK button and the issue Epson L805 not printing color properly is solved.

Checking the nozzles

You can check the nozzles using the printer’s control panel and a computer utility.

Method 1: Using the printer control panel

  1. Turn off your Epson L805 printer if it is turned on.
  2. Now, load paper into the tray if it is empty.
  3. Locate the Paper/Cancel and Power buttons on your printer’s control panel.
  4. Now, press and hold both (Power and Cancel/Paper) the buttons at the same time.
  5. As soon as the printer’s Power light starts to blink, release the buttons.
  6. Wait for the printer to print the nozzle check pattern.
  7. Once the pattern is printed, verify it.
  8. If you find gaps in the pattern, it means that the print head nozzles are clogged. To fix it, clean the print head.

Method 2: Using a computer utility

  1. Open the Epson L805 printer utility on your computer.
  2. Click Nozzle Check > Print.
  3. Now, your printer will start to print the pattern.
  4. Cleaning the print head using the printer’s control panel

  5. Make sure that your Epson printer’s paper tray has enough paper.
  6. Now, locate the Ink button on your printer’s panel and hold it down for 3 seconds.
  7. Now, the cleaning cycle will be initiated on your printer.
  8. Once the print head cleaning process is completed, print the nozzle pattern to check whether the head is cleaned or not.

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