How To Perform Epson M100 Troubleshooting?

The Epson printer may undergo certain issues when not maintained properly. Check the printer screen for any errors. Some of the common problems that occur on the Epson m100 printer and the steps to perform Epson M100 troubleshooting are mentioned below.

Epson M100 Offline

  1. Check whether the Epson printer is in Sleep mode.
  2. Open the Control Panel window on your computer connected to the printer and right-click on your printer icon. Now, click the Set as Default Printer option.
  3. If you have any printing jobs in the queue, clear them.
  4. Click the Printer menu and deselect the Use Printer Offline option to fix the issue.
  5. You have now successfully fixed the Epson M100 printer offline issue.

Epson M100 Paper Jam Error

  1. If the printer screen displays a paper jam error, cancel any active print jobs and raise the scanner unit.
  2. Remove the paper stuck inside the printer. If you find any torn paper pieces, remove them all.
  3. Close the scanner unit.
  4. Remove the stack of paper you have loaded and fan them well.
  5. If you find any crushed papers, remove it.
  6. Reload the paper stack and insert the tray into the printer.
  7. Now, restart the printer to finish the Epson M100 troubleshooting process and then start printing.

Epson M100 Paper Feed Problem

  1. If you are facing the paper feed issues on the printer, remove the stack of paper from the tray.
  2. Make sure that the loaded paper stack is not folded or curled.
  3. If the paper is too old, replace the loaded paper.
  4. Make sure that the loaded paper does not exceed the maximum limit.
  5. Slide the paper guides according to the size of the paper you have loaded.
  6. If any paper is not jammed inside, remove the stuck paper.
  7. Make sure that the paper you have loaded meets the specifications of the printer.
  8. Fan the stack of paper and then reload them.
  9. Once the Epson M100 troubleshooting is finished, the paper feed issue will be resolved.

Epson M100 Paper Jam But No Paper

  1. If you are facing such issues, first turn off the printer.
  2. Unplug the power cable and wait for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Open the rear tray and clean inside the tray.
  4. Now, open the tray and check for any packing materials or paper clips inside the printer.
  5. If the print head is not clean or the ink cartridges are dried out, clean them using a dry lint-free cloth.
  6. After cleaning the print head, restart the printer.
  7. If the paper you have loaded is above the maximum paper mark, remove some sheets of paper.
  8. Once you have done the troubleshooting steps, the issue will be fixed.

Epson M100 Not Printing After Refilling

  1. Make sure to place the Epson M100 printer on a flat surface.
  2. If you have not removed the yellow tape from the ink cartridge, make sure to remove it.
  3. Make sure to use the paper that meets the printer’s specifications.
  4. Print a nozzle check pattern to check if the nozzles are clogged. Clean the print head, if required.
  5. The paper size, orientation, and layout settings should be correct. 
  6. If you still can’t print, reinstall the printer software.
  7. Now, reconnect the printer and computer.
  8. If the printer is printing blank pages, select the Skip Blank Page option on the printer software.
  9. The Epson M100 troubleshooting is done and the not printing issue will be fixed.

Epson M100 ADF Not working

The Epson M100 printer doesn’t have the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). 

Epson M100 Printer Not Printing Properly

  1. If the printer is not printing properly, make sure that the printer and device are properly connected.
  2. Turn off the printer and computer. Reconnect them and check if the issue is resolved.
  3. Ensure that the printer’s cable is properly connected to the power source and computer.
  4. Ensure that the interface cables meet the specifications for the printer and computer.
  5. If there are any driver issues, reinstall the printer driver to troubleshoot the Epson M100 printer issue.
  6. Make sure to set the printer as a default one.
  7. Press the Start menu and select Printer and Faxes.
  8. Right-click on the printer and select the Set as Default Printer option. 
  9. Now, you will be able to print easily.

Epson M100 scanner not working

The Epson M100 printer doesn’t support scanning and there is no scanner glass on the printer.

How To Reset Epson M100 Printer

If you face any problems with the printer, you can perform a reset to troubleshoot the Epson M100 printer.

  1. First, turn off the printer.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button on the rear side of the printer.
  3. Now, you can turn on the printer while holding the Reset button.
  4. Wait until you see the factory reset message on the printer. If you need remote assistance for Epson M100 troubleshooting, contact our technical experts.