Fix: Epson Printer Firmware Reset

It is always recommended to update your printer firmware now and then to ensure the overall performance of the printer. Usually, firmware updates are released to resolve software bugs. However, in some cases, after the firmware update, a printer may start to show up error messages. If you want to know the procedure for resetting the updated firmware of your Epson printer, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Steps to reset Epson printer firmware

  1. Turn off your Epson printer. Press the Home, Power, left arrow, and Cancel buttons simultaneously. Now, the ROM menu will appear on your printer’s display.
  2. Download the older firmware installation package from your browser.
  3. Run the installation file and click Yes in the User Account Control dialog box.
  4. On the Installer screen, click Next to begin the installation process.
  5. When the Software License Agreement screen appears, choose I agree and click Next.
  6. When you are asked whether to overwrite the updated firmware, choose Yes.
  1. On the Select Printer screen, choose your printer model and click Start.
  2. Now, go back to your printer and check whether the Finished message appears on its display.
  3. On the installer screen, click the Finish button.
  4. Disconnect the power cord from your Epson printer.
  5. After a minute, reconnect the power cord and turn on your printer.
  6. Now, the firmware of your Epson printer will be reset.

Reset firmware by restoring the factory defaults

  1. Turn off your Epson printer and disconnect the power cable.
  2. Leave your printer undisturbed for a minute.
  3. Reconnect the power cord to your Epson printer and turn it on.
  4. Press and hold the Resume button for 20 seconds.
  5. When the attention lights turn on, release the Resume button.
  6. Now, your printer will be restored to its factory defaults.

In this manner, you should reset your Epson printer firmware. If you have any queries on resetting the firmware, reach out to us for remote assistance.