Follow the guidelines given below to replace the cartridge error.

  1. Open the printer head and cartridge covers. Remove and reinstall the cartridges.
  2. Make sure to place the cartridges in such a way that they click into place properly.
  3. The Epson genuine cartridges are recommended since the other cartridges require an extra force for installing.
  4. Close the cartridge and printer head covers. Press the Ink button.
  5. If the error is not solved, repeat the same process.
  6. Remove all the ink cartridges, check whether the cartridge chips are clean and free from ink deposits.
  7. If there is dust or dirt present on the chips, wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it before fixing it.
  8. Turn OFF the printer and turn it ON without the cartridges installed.
  9. Close the printer lid and check whether it recognizes the “No Cartridge installed” error. If this error is found, it is not a printer fault.
  1. Fix the ink cartridges in their respective slots tightly and move it down until you hear a click sound. This ensures proper fitting of the cartridge.
  2. Use only genuine cartridges. Press the Ink button.
  3. If there is no error shown even after installing these cartridges, this clearly indicates the cartridges or chips not recognized issue.
  4. If the same replace cartridge error is shown while installing the genuine cartridges, remove the cartridges. Turn OFF the printer and check the chip contacts.
  5. Contacts are thin gold plated wires. These wires will corrode over time and bend/pulled off while the cartridge is removed. In such cases, the printer should be given a service.
  6. If the chip contacts are not damaged, wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it. Reinstall the cartridges.
  7. Check if the issue has been resolved.