Fixed: Epson Printer Mac Filter Failed

The “filter failed” error message would occur on your Mac computer very rarely while you try to print. If you see this error message on your Mac computer, then it means that the Epson printer driver installed on the computer is faulty. Consider the steps that are given below to fix the Epson printer Mac filter failed problem.

Step 1: Removing the printer from your Mac

  1. Power off the Epson printer and open the System Preferences window on your Mac computer.
  2. Go to the Print & Fax section and select the name of the printer.
  3. Now, click on the ‘-‘ icon to remove the printer from the list.
  4. When prompted for confirmation to remove the printer, delete the Epson printer’s name from the displayed list. 
  5. Click on the ‘x’ icon on the top-right corner to close the Print & Fax window.

Step 2: Deleting leftover printer files

  1. Now, go to your hard drive. Select Library and open Printers.
  2. Locate the Epson folder and delete it.
  3. Also, permanently delete the folder from Trash.
  4. Now, open Library and go to the Printers folder.
  5. Select PPD Contents Resources. 
  6. Now, search for the name of your printer and delete it.
  7. Go to the Cache folder from Library.
  8. If you find a folder named Epson, delete it.

Step 3: Reinstalling the printer driver

  1. Reboot your Mac computer and go to the official Epson website from your browser.
  2. On the support page, enter the printer model number in the search section. Click OK.
  3. Once you are on the printer’s support page, download the required driver.
  4. Install the driver and add the printer to your Mac computer. Now, the “Epson printer Mac filter failed” issue on your Mac will be resolved.