Epson Scanner Guidance

How to Scan using Printer’s Control Panel?

Users have the option to scan to a memory device or to their computer by making use of the printer’s control panel.

    1. Load the original document/photo on the epson scanner glass. In case, you want to scan a 2-sided document, place the input paper into the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).
    2. If needed, press the Home button.
    3. Click on the Scan button.

epson scan function

  1. From the list of options, select any one of the Scan to options according to your need.
  2. Click on Presets or tap on the Preset button to save the settings you have made.
  3. Perform one of the following tasks:
    • If you are scanning the document to your computer, choose the computer, change the format and select 2-sided setting if needed.
    • In you are scanning to a memory device, click on Settings to show the additional scanning options.

How to Scan a File in Epson Printer?

    1. Click on the Scan icon or the Scan option on the Epson scanner window. The File Save Settings window appears.
    2. Select the destination folder in which you want your scanned image to be saved.
    3. Click on Edit to modify the default name of the scanned image. You can select the name from the list of options available.
    4. To change the file format, choose the options in the Image Format Type menu. If you want to go to additional settings, tap on the Options button.
    5. Click on the OK option. (The following window opens up if you have chose PDF/Multi-TIFF as the Type setting)

epson scan file settings

  1. From the options that are displayed on a screen, choose anyone.
    • Save File: Use this option if you are scanning only one page.
    • Add Page: Click on this option if you want to scan extra pages i.e. more than one. Make required changes in the settings.
    • Edit Page: Select this option if you wish to delete the pages that you have scanned.

How to Scan using the Epson Scan icon?

  1. Windows 8: Go to the Apps screen and choose EPSON Scanner under the tab EPSON/EPSON Software.
  2. Windows: Start - - > All Programs/Programs - -> EPSON/EPSON Software - - > EPSON SCAN.
  3. OS X: Navigate to the Applications folder and then click on the Epson Software folder. Now, double click on the EPSON Scan icon to scan the document/photo.

How to fix Epson Scanner Issue?

Scanning software does not operate correctly
Try any one of the following solutions when your scanning software does not work properly.

Step 1: Your computer should have enough memory space and should meet the system requirements for the operating system you use.
Step 2: When your scanning software is not responding properly, check if your device is not running in a power-saving mode like sleep or standby. If it is on power-saving mode, take your device off the power saver mode and restart the scanning software.
Step 3: Make sure you reinstall the Epson Scanner software as and when you upgrade your operating system for your system.