[Fixed] – Epson Surecolor P400 Setup

The Epson Surecolor P400 printer supports only the printing function. This printer uses only genuine Epson-brand ink cartridges. It supports USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet interfaces. The quick instructions to Epson Surecolor P400 setup are provided on this page.

Unpack your printer

  1. Make sure all the essential accessories are included in the printer box.
  2. Take out all the packaging materials as well as tapes from the printer.

Turn on your printer

  1. Use the power cable (included in the box) for establishing a connection between the Epson printer and a wall outlet.
  2. Press the Power button on the printer and wait until the Power LED lights up.

Install the ink cartridges

  1. Raise the printer cover.
  2. Open the printer’s ink cartridge cover.
  3. Take out the new yellow ink cartridge from the package.
  4. Peel off the yellow tape from the yellow cartridge.
  5. Place the unpacked yellow ink cartridge in its slot.
  6. Perform the same procedure to install the remaining ink cartridges (magenta, matte black, red, orange, photo black, gloss optimizer, and cyan) in their slots.
  7. Once done, close the ink cartridge cover followed by the printer cover for finishing Epson Surecolor P400 setup.
  8. Press the Ink button to charge the ink.

Load paper

  1. Raise the paper support.
  2. Open the Epson Surecolor P400 printer’s output tray.
  3. Load some paper into the sheet feeder.
  4. Align the guides against the paper.

Install the printer software

  1. After completing the Epson Surecolor P400 setup, proceed to install the printer driver on your computer and connect the printer to the computer.
  2. You can use the installation CD or the downloaded printer driver to install the printer software on the computer.

Epson Surecolor Sc-p400 Driver Download

Method 1 – From this page

Click the Driver Download button provided on this page to download the Epson Surecolor SC-P400 printer driver.

Method 2 – From the manufacturer website

  1. Access the official Epson web page and type your printer name in the search bar.
  2. Navigate to the Downloads section. Click the Operating System drop-down menu and make sure the correct OS version is selected.
  3. Click the Download button. This will download the Epson Surecolor P400 Drivers on your computer.

Epson Surecolor Sc-p400 Manual Download

Method 1 – From this web page

Click the Manual Download button given on this page to download the soft copy of the Epson Surecolor P400 setup manual.

Method 2 – From the manufacturer web page

  1. Visit the official Epson page and search for your printer model.
  2. Go to the Manuals section and click the PDF link next to your preferred manual.
  3. The printer manual will be downloaded and saved in the Downloads folder.

Install Epson Surecolor Sc-p400 Driver

  1. Download the printer software from the manufacturer website.
  2. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen steps.
  3. When the ‘Select Your Connection’ window opens, select Wireless Connection, Direct USB Connection, or Wired Network Connection as the connection type.
  4. Continue with the remaining prompts to finish the installation.

Epson Surecolor p400 Wifi Setup

Make use of the steps given below to Epson Surecolor P400 setup over a wireless network using the WPS connection method for complet the epson p400 wifi setup.

  1. On the router’s front panel, press the WPS button.
  2. Note: If your router does not has a physical WPS button, there might be a virtual WPS button on the router configuration page. Refer to the router’s manual to enable WPS.
  3. On the Epson Surecolor P400 printer’s control panel, hold the Wi-Fi button for about 3 seconds.
  4. Check if the left side of the Wi-Fi LED turns blue. This indicates that the wireless network connection has been established successfully.

Epson Surecolor p400 Screen Printing

  1. Initially, turn on the printer and load the wide roll paper or the appropriate print media on the printer.
  2. On your computer, open a document or photo to print.
  3. Select the Print option.
  4. If needed, choose the Epson Surecolor P400 setup.
  5. Open the Properties window.
  6. Click the Main tab and set your print preferences.
  7. Select the OK option.
  8. The printer prints the document or photo according to the specified Epson P400 Screen Printing settings.

Epson Surecolor p400 Printhead Cleaning

Check if you have placed a few sheets of paper in the sheet feeder.

Method 1 – Using the control panel

  1. Press the Ink button and hold it for 3 seconds.
  2. It might take 3 minutes to complete to clean the printhead.

Method 2 – Using a computer utility

  1. On your Windows computer, navigate to the taskbar and right-click the Epson printer icon.
  2. Note: If you are using Mac, click System Preferences -> Print & Fax -> Epson -> Options & Supplies -> Utility -> Open Printer Utility.
  3. Select the Head Cleaning option followed by the Start option.
  4. Once the print head cleaning finishes, you can check if the nozzles are clean.

Epson Surecolor p400 Nozzle Check

Make sure you have loaded enough plain paper in the sheet feeder.

Method 1 – Using The Printer’s Control Panel

  1. Turn off the Epson Surecolor P400 setup.
  2. Press the Paper/Cancel and Power buttons together.
  3. Once the printer turns on, it prints a nozzle check pattern.
  4. If there are any gaps on the printed page, clean the print head.
Epson Surecolor P400 Setup’s control panel

Method 2 – Using the Epson Utility

On Windows

  1. Go to the taskbar and right-click the Epson Surecolor P400 printer icon.
  2. Select Nozzle Check -> Print.
  3. Once the printer prints a nozzle check pattern, check if there are any gaps.
  4. If not, click the Finish option.
  5. If you see any gaps on the printed page, you have to clean the print head.

On Mac

  1. Click the Apple logo at the top.
  2. Select System Preferences -> Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners.
  3. Choose the Epson Surecolor P400 setup.
  4. Click Options & Supplies -> Utility -> Open Printer Utility -> Nozzle Check -> Print to print a nozzle check pattern.

Epson Surecolor P400 Firmware Update

On Windows

  1. Select the Epson Software from the Start menu and click Epson Software Updater.
  2. Choose the printer, select Firmware Updater, and click Install item(s).
  3. Click Yes -> Agree -> OK -> Start -> Finish -> OK.
  4. The printer’s firmware will be updated to the latest version for configuring Epson Surecolor P400 setup.

On Mac

  1. Launch Applications and click the Epson Software folder.
  2. Select the checkbox beside the Epson Firmware Update option.
  3. Click Install -> Agree.
  4. Enter the Mac administrator username and password in the relevant fields.
  5. Double-click Epson Firmware Updater.
  6. Select I Agree -> Next -> Start -> OK -> Finish.
  7. The firmware of the Epson Surecolor P400 printer will be updated to the most recent version.

Epson Surecolor P400 Setup Troubleshooting

Some of the common problems you could come across on your Epson printer are “printer offline” and “cannot print.” The solutions to these problems are given on this page. Refer to the printer’s User Guide before you begin to operate the printer. If you need technical assistance in resolving the Epson Surecolor P400 printer issues, contact our support member.

Solve: Epson Surecolor p400 Offline

  1. Print a nozzle check pattern on the printer. If it does not print, check if there are any error messages on the Epson Surecolor p400 control panel.
  2. If the printer prints a nozzle check pattern, clear the pending print jobs.
  3. Try to print again. If you cannot print, delete the print queue and add it again.
  4. To do this, launch System Preferences on your Mac computer and select the Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners option. Choose the Epson P400 printer and click the minus icon.
  5. After removing it, click the Add icon and select your printer.
  6. If the problem persists, re-establish the connection between the Mac computer and the Epson Surecolor P400 setup using the USB cable.

Fixed: Epson Surecolor p400 Paper Jam

  1. Pull out the jammed paper from the sheet feeder or the output tray.
  2. If the jammed paper is in the rear feed slot, remove it.
  3. Lift-open the printer cover and clear the jammed paper, if any.
  4. After closing the printer cover, press the Paper/Cancel button.
  5. If the Paper/Cancel LED is still blinking, turn off the printer and turn it on after a minute.

Solve Epson Surecolor p400 Filter Failed

  1. Turn off the Epson Surecolor P400 printer.
  2. On your Mac computer, launch the System Preferences screen and select the Print & Fax option.
  3. Choose your printer name and click the minus icon to remove the printer from the computer.
  4. Restart the Mac computer and power up the Epson Surecolor P400 setup.
  5. Download the correct printer software from the official Epson web page.
  6. Install it by following the on-screen prompts.

Fixed: Epson Surecolor p400 Not Printing

  1. Check if the printer is turned on.
  2. If you have been using a wired connection, the interface cable must be connected firmly at both ends.
  3. If you have connected the printer to your computer using a USB cable, do not use a USB hub as an intermediate.
  4. If the printer software is not installed properly, uninstall and re-install it on the computer.
  5. Make sure the Epson Surecolor P400 printer is selected as the default printer on your computer.
  6. Delete the stalled print jobs, if any.
  7. If the print queue is paused, deselect the Pause Printing option on your Windows computer.

Epson Surecolor p400 Reset Ink Counter

  1. Download, install, and launch the WIC Reset Utility software on your computer.
  2. Click the Support tab and select the Disable Processes option.
  1. Navigate to the Waste Counters section and click Reset waste counter.
  2. The waste ink counter of the Epson Surecolor P400 Setup has been reset.