Equip your space with the Epson thermal printer for flexible, fast printing options. If you are a retailer or someone who is looking for a space-saving thermal printer with superior functionalities, Epson Thermal printers will do well.If you have the Epson Thermal printer in your space but are unsure how to configure or set it up, then follow our instructions.

Epson Thermal Printer Setup


  • Position the printer on a flat surface with a maximum tilt of 3 degrees.
  • Ensure the printer does not move when you open or close the roll paper cover.
  • Connect one end of the printer’s power cord to the printer and the other end to the grounded wall outlet.
  • If you wish to connect any external devices, connect each cable to the port on the printer’s rear.
  • Use the cable band to prevent cables from coming off the printer.
  • Attach the power switch cover to prevent accidental changing of the power switch and any damage.
  • Insert a sharp-pointed object in the power switch cover holes to turn the printer on and off.
  • Press the power switch on the printer to turn it on. It may take 30 seconds for the printer to be ready for printing.
  • Next, gently push down the paper cover lever to open the roll paper cover.
  • Now, position the roll paper correctly inside the roll paper cover.
  • Pull out some paper and set it between the paper guides. Close the roll paper cover.
  • Use the manual cutter to tear off the paper.
  • After installing the roll paper, you can start printing.

We’ve shown you how to configure the Epson thermal printer in a simple manner. After completing the last step, you can start printing from the Epson Thermal printer.