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Epson WF 7620

How To Do Epson WF-7620 Setup?

The first step for Epson WF 7620 setup is to unpack the printer from the product box. You will have the following accessories in the box along with the printer.

  1. Ink Cartridges
  2. Installation CD
  3. User’s Guide
  4. Power Cord

Set Up Your Epson WF 7620 Printer

  1. Turn on the printer by connecting the supplied power cord between the printer and the power socket.
  2. Press the printer’s Power button and when the printer turns on, make the initial settings like language, country, and date.
  3. Lift up the scanner unit of the printer and open the cartridge cover to install the ink cartridges.
  1. Take out the black color ink cartridge from the sealed packaging, hold the tip of the cartridge, and slowly insert it to the appropriate color slot in the printer. Press until you hear it click.
  2. In the same way, install the other ink cartridges in the printer.
  3. Once you have finished loading the cartridges, close the cartridge cover and the scanner unit.
  4. Perform the ink priming process by following the instructions on the printer screen.
  5. Pull out the paper cassette from the bottom of the printer.
  6. Move the paper guides to the corners and insert a stack of paper in the paper tray.
  7. Bring the paper guides to the edges of the paper.
  8. Connect the Fax line to the printer if you wish to use the printer for fax.
  9. After completing the hardware setup, install the printer software on your computer and connect the printer to the computer.

Epson Wf 7620 Driver Download

Steps to do Epson WF 7620 setup for downloading the driver.

  1. The easiest way to download the printer driver is to click the Driver Download button provided on this page.
  2. Otherwise, open the default browser on your computer and go to the official Epson support page.
  3. Once you reach the printer’s support page, click the Downloads tab.
  4. Select the operating system of the computer from the Operating System drop-down menu.
  5. Now, you can locate and download the required driver package.

Epson Wf 7620 Manual Download

  1. You can download the printer user manual from this page or the official Epson page.
  2. To download from this page, click the Manual Download button.
  3. Or else, go to your printer’s official support page in a new tab.
  4. Click the Manuals and Warranty tab and then click the PDF link beside the required manual.
  5. Proceed to download the manual to your computer.

Epson Wf 7620 Wifi Setup

Procedure to do Epson WF 7620 setup for WiFi connection.

The Epson WF 7620 printer can be set up over a wireless network using any of the following modes.

  1. Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode
  2. Wi-Fi Direct mode
  3. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

In this section, the steps to set up the printer over Wi-Fi using the WPS Setup method are provided.

  1. If your router has a WPS button, connecting the printer to a wireless network is easy.
  2. Initially, press the Home button on the printer control panel.
  3. Next, you have to press the Wireless Button on the printer.
  1. Use the arrow keys to select the Wi-Fi Setup.
  2. On the Wi-Fi Setup screen, scroll down the options to select the Push Button Setup (WPS) option.
  3. Once you see a message on the printer LCD, press the WPS button on the router.
  4. You will now see the printer light blinking rapidly and this indicated that the printer is searching for the available wireless networks.
  5. The light will turn solid once the connection is established.
  6. Also, you can print the Network Status Sheet on the printer from the Setup page to confirm the wireless connection.
  7. After connecting the printer to Wi-Fi, install the printer driver on your computer and add the printer to the computer.

Epson Wf-7620 Double Sided Printing

Follow the below steps to do Epson WF 7620 setup for printing double side.

  1. Place enough paper in the printer’s paper tray.
  2. Make sure you have installed the printer driver on your computer connected to the printer.
  3. Now, open the document or image you need to print and select the print menu.
  4. Select your printer and then click the Properties or Preferences button.
  5. In the Main tab, make the required print preferences and click the 2-sided printing checkbox.
  6. Select the checkbox beside the Auto option and click the Settings button.
  7. Make the required 2-Sided Printing settings and click the OK button.
  8. Click the OK button in the Main tab and proceed to print the document on your printer.

Epson Wf 7620 Scan Setup

  1. You can scan a document using the Epson WF 7620 printer from the printer Control Panel and using the Epson Scan utility installed on the connected computer.
  2. We will look at the steps for scanning from the Epson WF 7620 Control Panel.
  3. Make sure you have installed the scanner driver on your computer.
  4. Keep the original document on the Epson scanner glass.
  5. Press the Home button on the printer and use the navigation buttons to select the Scan option.
  6. Select the required Scan to option and choose the computer.
  7. Make the other scan settings and proceed to scan the document.

Epson WF 7620 Setup For Scanner Driver

  1. You can download the Epson Scanner driver from the official Epson support page.
  2. Open the browser and enter the Epson support page URL in the address bar.
  3. Enter Epson WF 7620 in the search bar and press the Enter button.
  4. Click the Downloads tab, then expand the Drivers section.
  5. Click the Download button near the scanner driver.

Epson Wf 7620 Scan to Computer

  1. Keep the document to be scanned on the scanner glass.
  2. Open the Epson Scan utility on your computer.
  3. Click the Mode and select the Office Mode option.
  4. In the Main Settings tab, select the document source, size, color, and other required scan settings.
  5. Select the Preview button to have a view of the document and then click Scan.

Epson WF 7620 Setup For Scanning

The Epson WF 7620 printer does not have the Scan to Email and Network Folder/FTP functions. So, if you want to attach your scan document to your email message, then you have to scan to document to your computer first. Then, open your email client application and attach the scanned document.

Epson Wf-7620 Scan Multiple Pages

  1. Load the scan document on the scanner glass of the Epson printer.
  2. Open the Epson Scan Utility on your computer.
  3. Select the Office Mode option from the Mode drop-down list.
  4. Select the scanning resolution, the document source, orientation, and the destination where you want to save the scanned file.
  5. To view the scan document before scanning, click the Preview button.
  6. Click the Scan button to open the File Save Settings window.
  7. Select the file type as PDF or Multi-TIFF.
  8. Also, click the Show Add Page dialog after scanning checkbox.
  9. Once you click the OK button, you will see the Add Page Confirmation dialog window.
  10. Click the Add page button and load the next page on the printer.
  11. After scanning all the pages, click the Save File button on the Add Page Confirmation dialog window.

Epson Wf-7620 Print Head Alignment

Guide to know Epson WF 7620 setup for print head alignment.

  1. Load some paper in the printer paper tray.
  2. Press the Home button on the printer.
  3. Select the Setup option and then select Maintenance.
  4. Next, you have to select the Print Head Alignment option. You will have two more options: Vertical Alignment and Horizontal Alignment.
  5. Select an option and carry out the on-screen instructions.
  6. You can press the Color button to print the alignment sheet.
  7. See the printed pattern and then select the number for the best square.
  8. Select the Proceed option.
  9. Once you have made the selections, select Done.

Epson Wf 7620 Firmware Update

  1. Open the Epson Support page.
  2. Type Epson WF 7620 in the search bar and press the Enter button.
  3. Click the Downloads tab.
  4. Scroll down the page and expand the Firmware option.
  5. Click the Download button next to the available firmware.
  6. Run the file and the firmware for the Epson WF 7620 will be updated.

Epson Wf 7620 Troubleshooting

Simple steps to do Epson WF 7620 setup for troubleshooting

The printer issues are usually notified by the error messages that appear on the printer display. In some cases, following the instructions on the printer display will help you fix the error. Moreover, the printer user manual has the troubleshooting steps for few printer issues. Here we have provided you with the troubleshooting steps for issues such as printer offline, paper jams, scanner issues, and print issues.

Epson Wf 7620 Offline

  1. Initially, check if the printer is turned on and connected to the computer properly.
  2. Check whether your wireless router is turned on.
  3. On your Windows computer, check whether you have installed the compatible printer driver.
  4. Go to the Control Panel window and check if the printer is selected as the default printer on your computer.
  5. Clear the pending print jobs and ensure the Use Printer Offline option is not enabled. If the option is enabled, then disable it and check if the issue is fixed.
  6. Still, if the printer stays offline, then uninstall the printer driver, download the printer driver from the official Epson site, and install the driver on your computer.

Epson Wf-7620 Paper Jam Error

In the Epson WF 7620 printer, the paper jam can occur in the following locations.

  1. Inside the product
  2. Paper cassette
  3. Duplexer
  4. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  5. As soon as the paper jam occurs on your printer, cancel the current print job.
  6. Now, locate the paper jammed on the printer.
  7. Remove the paper from the rear feeder, paper cassette, ADF, or the duplexer in the rear end.
  8. Lift the scanner unit with the document cover closed and remove the jammed paper from inside the printer.
  9. Also, remove the torn pieces of paper (if any).
  10. After removing the jammed paper, proceed with the instructions displayed on the printer LCD to clear the error and continue printing.

Epson Wf 7620 Won’t Scan to Computer

Procedure to do Epson WF 7620 setup for scanning issue on the computer.

  1. Initially, check if the printer is turned on.
  2. Check the interface cables to the printer.
  3. Check if you are able to print on the printer from your computer.
  4. Make sure that you have installed the Scanner driver on your computer.
  5. If you have updated the operating system on your computer, then you have uninstall the existing scanner driver and install it again.
  6. You can perform a connection test using Epson Scan Settings on your computer.

Epson Wf 7620 Won’t Print

  1. Make sure the Epson printer is turned on.
  2. Ensure you have all the connected cables to the printer secured properly.
  3. If you have the USB connection for the Epson printer, disconnect the USB cable. Perform a right-click on the printer icon on your computer and select the Remove Device option.
  4. Make sure the printer is not in Offline or Sleep mode.
  5. Check if there are enough paper and ink on the printer.
  6. Make sure you have the proper driver installed on your computer. Run a print test to see if the driver is the issue.

Epson Wf-7620 Scanner Error

  1. Scanner errors are quite common. To resolve some scanner errors, you have to make sure of the following.
  2. Make sure the original document to be scanned is placed properly along the edges on the scanner glass.
  3. When the scan is giving out cuts in the document, make sure you make adjustments in the scan resolution to resolve the error.
  4. You can reset the Epson Scan utility to fix the issue.
  5. To reset the utility, open the Scan Utility on your Windows computer.
  6. Select the Other tab and then click the Reset button. If you still have any issue regarding Epson WF 7620 setup, click the Call button on this page to get assistance from our technical experts.
Problem On Epson Wf-7620 Scanner