Epson WF-7720 Printer Setup

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 is an all-in-one business printer that uses PrecisionCore technology. It is well-known for its high productivity and wide format prints varying from design layouts, spreadsheets, and drawings. Read the procedure give below to learn the Epson WF7720 printer setup process.

Step-1: Unpack the printer

  1. Unbox the Epson printer and place it on a stable surface.
  2. Take out the other printer accessories such as ink cartridges, installation CD, power cord, and user manuals from the carton.
  3. Remove all the packaging tapes and protective materials from the printer.
  4. Next, raise the scanner unit and remove the protective sheets and tapes.
  5. Close the scanner unit and move to the next step.

Step-2: Power connection

  1. Use the power cord supplied with the printer to connect the printer’s AC inlet to a wall outlet.
  2. Lift the control panel and press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  3. Following that, set the language, region/country, and date time on the control panel.

Step-3: Ink cartridge installation

  1. Before opening the scanner unit, see that you close the document cover.
  2. Without touching the white cable, open the scanner unit.
  3. Shake an ink cartridge packet gently and then unpack it.
  4. Remove the yellow film covering the contacts of the cartridge.
  5. Place the ink cartridge into its slot until it locks in a position with a click sound.
  6. Install the other ink cartridges in the same way and close the ink cartridge cover.
  7. Close the scanner unit. Now, the printer starts the ink charging process.

Step-4: Feed paper in the cassette

  1. Draw out the paper cassette and remove its cover.
  2. Move the paper width guides to the cassette’s edges and set the front edge guide according to the paper size you are feeding.
  3. Arrange the paper such that the print side is facing down in the cassette.
  4. Adjust the paper guides to the paper edges, but make sure they are not too tight.
  5. Attach the cover to the cassette, insert the cassette into the printer, and configure the paper settings.

Step-5: Fax connection

  1. Take the telephone line cable from the wall jack and connect it to the LINE port on the printer’s rear side.
  2. On the display panel, select Proceed to set the fax settings or else tap Close.

Step-6: Software installation

  1. Once the Epson WF7720 printer setup is made, install the printer software on your computer.
  2. The printer software enables you to manage and control the printer from the computer.

How to Convert Epson WF-7720 To Sublimation?

The sublimation is a printing technology in the inkjet printer where heat and pressure are used to dry the sublimation dyes on the fabric, material, or paper. You need sublimation dyes, refillable cartridges, syringes, and sublimation papers to convert a regular printer into a sublimation printer.

  1. Turn on the Epson WF7720 printer setup and perform the nozzle check to make sure the printer is working.
  2. Follow Settings Maintenance Print Head Nozzle Check to run a nozzle check.
  3. Connect your computer to the network where the printer is connected.
  4. Download the printer driver on the computer and run the installation.
  5. Wear a pair of gloves to prevent staining your hands.
  6. Get required the empty ink cartridges.
  7. Use a syringe to fill the ink cartridges with the sublimation dye.
  8. Do not use the same syringe to fill all the ink cartridges.
  1. After filling all the ink cartridges, tap the cartridges to remove the air bubbles.
  2. Next, open the scanner unit.
  3. On the display panel, select Settings Maintenance Ink Cartridge(s) Replacement Start.
  4. Let the print head return to the original position and then remove the Epson ink cartridges.
  5. Insert all the refillable ink cartridges with the sublimation ink in their respective slots and close the ink cartridge cover.
  6. Once the replacement is complete, run the nozzle check as many times to make sure the printer uses the sublimation ink and not the original ink present in the Epson WF7720 printer setup.
  7. If required, you can clean the print head 10 times and then wait 24 hours to do the next cleaning.

Epson WF-7720 Firmware Update

You need to update the printer firmware to avoid the security issues and improve the printer performance. The below steps will help you to update the firmware using a Windows 10 computer.

  1. Visit the Epson WF7720 printer setup official website and find the printer model to go to its support page. Under Downloads, choose the operating system from the drop-down list and click Utilities.
  2. Click the Download button beside Epson Software Updater to download it to the computer.
  3. After downloading, click the Start icon and select Epson Software Epson Software Updater.
  4. Now, in the window that opens up, choose your printer model and tick the checkbox of Firmware Updater.
  5. Click the Install item button, then select Yes if the system prompts for permission to make changes to the computer.
  6. Read the license agreement and accept it.
  7. Next, read the instruction and precautions for updates and click Start.
  8. Carry out the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the firmware update.

Epson Wf 7720 Firmware Downgrade

If you find the previous firmware version better than the lately updated firmware, you can downgrade the printer’s firmware.

  1. Find the download recovery mode firmware on the Epson website.
  2. Download it on your computer and save it on the desktop. If you cannot find the older version of the firmware on the official site, then download it from a trusted site.
  3. Connect the computer and the Epson printer using a USB cable.
  4. Remove all the ink cartridges from the printer.
  5. Turn off the printer and then hold the Power, Status, 4, and 7 keys together until the recovery mode screen appears.
  6. Now, run the firmware on your computer, tap Start to begin the downgrade, and wait until all the buttons flash, which indicates the process is successful.
  7. Pull out the printer’s power plug from the outlet and reconnect it after a few seconds.
  8. Turn on the printer normally and install the ink cartridges when prompted.

Epson WF7720 Printer Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

When the Epson printer faces a problem, an error code appears on the display panel. Read the user manual to understand the code and find the causes for the error. Perform the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact our technical team for more support.

Epson WF-7720 Offline Solution

  1. Keep the printer turned on and check if the printer’s network connection setup is correct.
  2. Restart the Wi-Fi router and reconnect the printer to it to bring the printer online.
  3. Open the Devices and Printers window on the Windows computer connected to the printer and find the Epson printer. Right-click it and select See what’s printing. Stop all the printing tasks, select the printer from the print queue, and disable Use Printer Offline. Start all the printing jobs.
  4. Turn off the security program on the computer and router settings. Again connect to the Epson WF7720 printer setup to bring it back online.

Fix: Epson Wf-7720 Firmware Update Stuck

When the firmware update process gets stuck in the middle, try out the below steps to fix it.

  1. Make sure the computer performing the firmware update and the printer are connected securely.
  2. Check the network cable ends and the Wi-Fi network connection status.
  3. In the Firmware update window, see that you tick the checkbox of ‘Firmware Updater’ and finish the update process.
  4. If the firmware update is still stuck, then begin the firmware update procedure once again.

Fix: Epson WF-7720 Paper Jam Error

  1. Initially, cancel all the printing jobs, but it is not required to cancel.
  2. If you find any paper inside the rear paper feed slot, pull it out.
  3. Open the scanner unit, check for the paper pieces, and remove them.
  4. Close the scanner unit and see the Epson WF7720 printer setup’s screen if the paper jam error has been cleared.

Solved: Epson WF-7720 Paper Feed Problem

Sometimes the printer may not feed the paper from the feed slot or cassette, so use the below steps to fix the feed problems.

  1. If the paper is not feeding in the rear slot, take out the paper and use another neat paper.
  2. Pull out the paper cassette and check if the paper is damaged at the edges. The maximum paper limit should not be exceeded.
  3. Insert the cassette into the Epson WF7720 printer setup correctly and try to print again.

Fix: Epson WF-7720 won’t Scan

  1. Check if the scanner and the computer are connected to the same network.
  2. Install the scanner driver on the computer and then proceed with the scanning process.
  3. Scanning a high-resolution document or image can cause the error, so reduce the resolution and scan again.
  4. Turn off the security settings on the computer as it might be preventing the scanning process.

Fix: Epson WF-7720 won’t Print Black

  1. Open the print properties window on the computer and enable the Black/Grayscale option.
  2. Check the ink level of the black ink cartridge in the Epson WF7720 printer setup. If the ink is very low, replace it with a new one.
  3. At times, the print head nozzle can be clogged, so perform the nozzle check to clean the nozzle.
Epson Wf 7720 Won't Print Black

Epson WF-7720 won’t Recognize Ink Cartridge

  1. If the ink cartridge is incorrectly installed, the printer cannot recognize it.
  2. Open the scanner unit, wait until the print head stops, and remove the ink cartridge.
  3. Reinstall the ink cartridges.
  4. Check the printer screen if the error is fixed.

Epson WF-7720 not Connect to Wifi

  1. Keep the Epson WF7720 printer setup within the Wi-Fi network’s range and make sure the Wi-Fi signal strength is good.
  2. Use the correct Wi-Fi network password to establish the connection.
  3. If you had connected the network cable to the printer, remove it and again try to connect to the wireless network.

Guide: Epson WF-7720 Factory Reset

Resetting the printer erases all the printer settings and restores it to the default factory settings. If you don’t want others to reset the printer, lock the setting using a password.

  1. Now, press the Home button to view the home screen.
  2. Select Settings General Settings System Administration Restore Default Settings.
  3. From the different reset options, choose Clear All Data and Settings to reset all the Epson WF7720 printer setup settings.
  4. You can even reset specific printer settings by selecting the appropriate option.
  5. Select Yes to confirm the reset action.
Epson WF-7720 Factory Reset