Steps: Epson XP-410 Driver for Windows 10


Epson XP-410 Driver Download:

To download the Epson XP-410 Driver for Windows 10 system, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Epson official site, under Epson XP-410, click Downloads.?
  2. Under Downloads, from the Operating System drop-down menu, select Windows 10 32-bit.
  3. On the next page of the same site, under the Recommended For You section, click the Download button next to the title Drivers and Utilities Combo Package.
  4. The driver for your Epson XP 410 printer will now be downloaded.

Install Epson XP-410 Driver:

If a CD/DVD drive is unavailable on your computer, download the software from the following link:

  1. Your Epson XP 410 printer should not be connected to your computer now. In case there is a Found New Hardware screen, click Cancel. Disconnect the USB cable connecting the printer and computer.
  2. Slide in the product software CD into the computer’s CD drive.
  3. For Windows 10, you will find the AutoPlay window. Click Run Setup.exe.
  4. Click Install. Carry out the instructions as displayed on your computer screen.
  5. You will find the Select Your Connection screen. Select any one type of connection out of the three given below:

For Wireless connection:

  1. Use a USB cable for your first installation. By doing this, you can simplify the wireless setup process.
  2. When your Epson XP 410 printer is connected to your network, you will see a prompt to disconnect the cable.
  3. Install the driver software on each and every computer from which you need to print.
  4. If the USB cable is unavailable, make use of the buttons on your Epson XP 410 printer to select wireless settings.
  5. Ensure that you know the SSID (network name) and the network password.

For Direct USB connection:

You have to ensure that you have a USB cable.

  1. If security is enabled on your network, ensure that you type in the network password correctly. Type the password in the proper case (uppercase or lowercase).
  2. Press the Up, Down, Left, or Right arrow keys on your Epson XP 410 printer if you need to highlight a letter or a function button.
  3. To select it, press OK.
  4. Highlight Done and press OK.

The Epson XP-410 Driver for Windows 10 is now successfully installed.