Fix: Epson Xp-4105 Won’t Connect To Wifi

Epson XP-4105 is an All-in-One wireless printer that allows you to print, scan, and copy any document wirelessly. You can connect the printer to your device by a USB cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct. But sometimes, you may face an issue while connecting your Epson printer to your Wi-Fi network. This issue might occur due to a network problem. By following the below instructions, you can solve this problem.


  1. Make sure to connect the power cord to the back of your printer and an electrical outlet.
  2. Ensure to power on your printer.
  3. If you have connected the Epson XP-4105 printer and computer by USB cable, check whether the cable is connected correctly. Or, if there is a problem with the USB cable, then replace it.
  4. If you use a Wi-Fi network, make sure that the printer and your computer are on the same network.
  5. When you connect the printer over a LAN network, check whether the printer is connected correctly using a LAN cable.
  6. Now, check whether the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If it doesn’t work, then follow the below instructions.


  1. If you have already turned on your printer, turn it off and unplug the power cord from the printer.
  2. Now, disconnect the wireless router and wait for some time.
  3. Next, turn on your router again by connecting the necessary cables.
  4. After turning on the router, plug the power cord into the back of your printer and an electrical outlet.
  5. Turn on your printer.
  6. Now, connect your printer to the network and check whether the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  7. If you still can’t connect, follow the below steps.


  1. Ensure to insert the paper into the input tray.
  2. On your printer, press the Home button.
  3. Choose the Settings option from the screen.
  4. Now, select the Network Settings > Connection Check option.
  1. Next, choose Print Check Report to print the network configuration page.
  2. Make changes based on the results on the network configuration page.
  3. Now, check if your Epson XP-4105 printer can connect to Wi-Fi. By now, it should be able to get connected successfully.