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Epson XP-610

Epson XP-610 Setup Guidance

Epson XP-610 is a wireless photo printer with scanning and copying features. The printer is designed to print out stunning borderless photos with excellent print quality. Using AirPrint, you can print from your iPhone and iPad easily. For Epson XP-610 setup, following the below given steps.

When you unbox the Epson printer from the carton to set it up, you will have the following accessories:

  1. The Epson Ink Cartridges
  2. Installation and User Guide
  3. Installation CD
  4. Power cord
Epson XP-610 Setup

Now, proceed with the step-by-step procedure to set up the Epson XP-610 printer.

  1. Remove the protective tapes surrounding the printer.
  2. Open the scanner unit and remove the packaging material and close the unit.
  3. Unpack the power cord and connect it to the printer and a power source.
  4. Lift the Control Panel up and press the Power button.
  5. Open the Scanner unit to install the cartridges.
  6. Remove the Black ink cartridge from the packaging and shake it to redistribute the toner.
  7. Remove the cap from the cartridge and place the cartridge into its slot int he printer. Similarly, install the other ink cartridges.
  8. Pull out the paper tray from the base of the Epson XP-610 setup.
  9. Move the paper guides to the extremes and install the papers. Move the guides close to the paper and close the paper tray.
  10. Now proceed to the driver installation.

Epson XP-610 Driver Download

You can download the Epson XP-610 printer driver from this page or from the official Epson Support page.

  1. Open the browser and enter the Epson support URL in the address bar.
  2. Go to your printer’s support page using the search box.
  3. Click the Downloads tab, extend the driver tab.
  4. Click the Download button and the Epson XP-610 driver will be downloaded.

Epson Xp-610 Manual Download

  1. Click the Manual download button to download the Epson XP-610 setup’s user manual.
  2. Also, you can go to the printer’s official support page and download the required manual in PDF format.

Install Driver for Epson XP-610 Printer

  1. Once the printer driver is downloaded to your computer, click the download option in the browser.
  2. Double-click the file to run the installation.
  3. The Epson installer page will now open.
  4. Accept the license agreement and then select the software to install.
  5. Choose the type of connection and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. The driver installation for the Epson XP-610 printer will be completed.

Easy Epson XP-610 Wireless Setup Guidance

  1. If your router has a WPS button, connecting the Epson XP-610 setup to a wireless network is easy.
  2. Firstly, turn on your wireless router, locate the WPS button, and then press it.
  3. Use the navigation arrow keys on the printer to select the Wi-Fi Setup wizard from the Home screen.
  4. Scroll down the option to select the Push button Setup (WPS).
  5. You will now see the printer light blinking rapidly, indicating that the printer is searching for the wireless connection.
  6. The light will turn solid once the connection is made.

How to Change Ink Cartridge in Epson XP-610?

  1. Turn on the Epson XP-610 printer.
  2. Press the Setup button and select OK.
  3. Select Maintenance > OK > Ink Cartridge Replacement and click the OK option.
  4. Open the Scanner Unit.
  5. Push the cartridge tab to unlock the cartridge from the slot.
  6. Remove the cartridge from the Epson XP-610 setup.
  7. Take out the new cartridge from the sealed package and remove the protective tape.
  8. Remove the cover from the cartridge and place it in the slot.
  9. Push the cartridge into the slot and close the scanner unit.

Steps: Epson XP-610 Print from iPhone

  1. With Epson XP-610’s AirPrint feature, you will be able to print from your iPhone even without installing the printer app.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi as the Epson printer.
  3. Open a document on your iPhone and tap the Share button.
  4. Select the Print option and select the Epson XP-610 printer.
  5. The document you opened on your iPhone will be printer by the printer.

How to Scan on Epson XP-610?

  1. Make sure you have the scanner driver installed on the connected computer.
  2. Place the document to be scanned on the scanner glass.
  3. Press the Home button on the Epson XP-610 setup’s Control Panel.
  4. Use the navigation buttons to select the Scan option and then press OK.
  5. You will have a list of scan options to choose from. Select the option and press the Scan button.

Epson XP-610 Scan Multiple Pages Guide

  1. The Epson XP-610 printer does not have the Auto Document Feeder to scan multiple pages automatically.
  2. So, place the document on the scanner glass.
  3. Open the Epson Scan Utility on your computer.
  4. Select the Office Mode option from the Mode drop-down list.
  5. Configure the required scan preferences.
  6. Click the Preview button, and the utility will show you the preview of the scan.
  7. Click the Scan button to open the File Save Settings window.
  8. Select the type from the Image Format list and click the OK button.
  9. The Epson XP-610 setup scan will ask if you like to add more pages, click the Edit page button.
  10. You will see the thumbnail format for each of the scanned images.
  11. Select the OK button and the document will be saved in the destined location. 

Epson Xp-610 Scanner Driver Download

You can download the Epson XP-610 scanner driver from the official Epson support page.

  1. Open the browser and enter the Epson support URL in the address bar.
  2. Enter Epson XP-610 in the search bar and press the Enter button.
  3. Under Downloads, click the Utilities tab and locate the Scanner driver.
  4. Click the Download button of the Scanner driver.
Epson Xp 610 Scanner Driver Download

How to Copy on Epson XP-610?

  1. Open the Epson XP-610 setup’s document cover, place the document on the scanner glass, and close it.
  2. On the printer’s home screen, select Copy and press the OK button.
  3. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to choose the number of copies you want to print.
  4. You can choose a maximum of 99 copies for printing.
  5. Following that, press the left or right arrow to select either Color or B&W to copy.
  6. Press the down arrow key to make additional settings and then press OK to save the settings.
  7. Now, press the Start button to begin copying.
  8. In case you want to cancel copying, press the Stop button.

Epson XP-610 Firmware Update

  1. Visit the official Epson webpage from a web browser.
  2. Search for the printer model and go to its support page.
  3. Under Downloads, choose the operating system from the drop-down menu and click Firmware.
  4. You can find the latest firmware, then click the Download button to download it.
  5. Open the firmware and begin the installation.

Epson Xp-610 Firmware Downgrade

If you are not satisfied with the new firmware of the Epson XP-610 setup, downgrade it and see if the printer functions normally.

  1. Browse the older firmware version and download it on the computer.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect the printer and your computer.
  3. Now, open the scanner unit and remove all the ink cartridges.
  4. Turn off the printer and then wait for a few seconds.
  5. Hold the Stop, Left arrow, Home, and Power buttons at the same time until the recovery screen appears.
  6. Next, launch the old firmware and follow the guided instructions to downgrade firmware.
  7. After the downgrade process, disconnect the power plug of the printer.
  8. Power on the printer, reinstall the ink cartridges and perform the ink charging.
Epson Xp-610 Firmware Downgrade

Epson XP-610 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

When the printer faces a problem, the error message appears on the LCD panel. The basic troubleshooting steps are provided in the printer’s user manual. If an error persists on the printer, contact our technical team for more support.

Guide: Epson XP-610 Offline

  1. Check the printer’s network connection.
  2. Restart the Wi-Fi router and reconnect the printer to it.
  3. Open the Devices and Printers window on the Windows computer connected to the Epson XP-610 setup and right-click your Epson printer. Select See what’s printing and stop all the printing tasks. Also, disable the Use Printer Offline option.
  4. Turn off the security programs on the computer, then connect the printer to it and see if the printer turns on.

Fix: Epson XP-610 Paper Jam

  1. Stop all the printing tasks on the computer and then open the printer’s scanner unit without touching the white flat cables. 
  2. Look for the jammed paper and carefully remove it.
  3. Close the scanner unit and check the screen if the error message has been cleared.
  4. If the paper jam is in the paper cassette, stop the printing jobs.
  5. Draw out the paper cassette and remove the paper stuck behind the paper guides.
  6. Slowly place the cassette into the printer and follow the instruction to clear the paper jam error on the printer screen.

Fix: Epson XP-610 won’t Print

  1. Confirm that the Epson XP-610 setup is powered on and it is not in the offline or sleep mode.
  2. Tighten all the network and USB cables to secure the printer and computer connection.
  3. Verify if the printer and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Use a different network cable and see if the printer is turned on.
  5. Test the wireless network strength by printing a network status sheet.

Fix: Epson XP-610 won’t Connect to Wifi

If you cannot connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network, try out the below solutions.

  1. See if the printer is located within the Wi-Fi network range.
  2. Restart the router and retry to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. If you have turned on the security software and firewall settings, disable them and then connect the Epson XP-610 setup to the Wi-Fi.
  4. Check if the Wi-Fi network password is correct.

Resolved: Epson XP-610 not Recognize Ink Cartridge

  1. Open the scanner unit and see if the ink cartridge is installed properly. Move the blue tab, remove the cartridge, and reinstall it properly.
  2. Always use the genuine Epson ink cartridges.
  3. Check if the ink level is low on the printer. On the home screen, select Setup and press OK.
  4. Next, select Ink Levels. Then examine the ink level in each cartridge and tap OK to return to the main screen.

Solved: Epson XP-610 Scanner Communication Error

  1. Make sure you have installed the scanner driver on your computer.
  2. When there is an error in the scanner driver installation, uninstall and reinstall the scanner driver on the computer.
  3. Turn off all the security programs and settings on the computer.
  4. Open the scanning program on the computer and increase the time in the Timeout Setting.
  5. If you are scanning a high-resolution document or image, the communication error can occur. Reduce the resolution of the scanning document and then proceed to scan the document.

Steps: Epson XP-610 Hard Reset

The hard reset action resets all the Epson XP-610 setup settings to the default factory settings.

  1. Press the Home button and then select Setup > Restore Default Settings.
  2. From the different reset options, select All Settings to reset all the printer settings.
  3. Next, select Yes to confirm the reset action.
Epson XP 610 Reset

How to Clean Epson XP-610 Printer?

You need to clean the printer regularly to maintain print quality.

  1. Perform the print head nozzle check to find if the nozzles are clogged. 
  2. On the printer’s home screen, select Setup > Maintenance > Nozzle Check.
  3. Check the nozzle check pattern printed on the paper.
  4. If the print head nozzles are clogged, continue to clean it.
  5. Choose the options Setup > Maintenance > Head cleaning on the home screen.
  6. Press the Start button to clean the print head nozzle.
  7. When the cleaning is completed, the message “Print nozzle check pattern” appears on the display panel.
  8. Select OK and then check the nozzle pattern.
  9. When you clean the print head twice, turn off the Epson XP-610 setup and wait for 6 hours to perform the next cleaning.