How To Fix Epson Error Code 0xf1?

The Epson error code 0XF1 indicates the paper jam, printer head wiggle, or printer issues. You can fix the Epson XP-830 printer error code 0xF1 by following the simple troubleshooting instructions given below.

Using the Printer’s Control Panel:

  1. First, check if any paper is jammed inside your Epson XP-830 printer.
  2. If so, remove the jammed paper from the printer and then check if the Epson error code 0xF1 is displayed on the printer’s screen.
  3. If the error code 0xF1 again displayed on your Epson printer’s screen, then check if the print head can wiggle.
  4. If required, uninstall and reinstall the Epson XP- 830 printer driver on your system.
  5. After re-installing the Epson XP-830 printer driver, check if the issue has been resolved.
  6. If the issue persists, then perform a printer reset.
  7. To reset your Epson XP- 830 printer, read the quick steps given below.
  8. Switch on your Epson XP- 830 printer.
  9. Press the Home button. Select Setup –> Restore Default Settings –> All Settings –> Yes.
  10. Now, the Epson XP- 830 printer reset process begins.
  11. The reset process will fix almost all the printer issues.
  12. Using these steps we can clear the Epson error code 0xf1.