How to Clean Epson Printer

How to Clean Epson Printer

Cleaning the Epson Printer

  1. While the Epson printer is turned on, press and hold the Power button on the printer panel to power off the machine.
  2. Disconnect all the cables connected to the Epson printer.
  3. Make sure to remove all the paper present inside the printer.
  4. You are recommended to use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the outer case of the Epson printer’s control panel.
  5. Note: Avoid using liquid or chemical cleansers to wipe the Epson printer.
  6. Take the paper cassette out from the Epson printer and then use a soft brush to clean it.
  7. After cleaning the paper cassette, place it back into the Epson printer.
  8. Lift and open the scanner glass of the Epson printer.
  9. Use a lint-free cloth along with a glass cleaner to wipe the scanner glass.
  10. Close the Epson printer’s scanner glass cover.
  11. Now, plug the disconnected cable to the Epson printer.
  12. Turn on the Epson printer by holding the Power button.

Performing the Print Head Cleaning Of the Epson Printer Using the Control Panel

  1. Press and then hold the ink button on the Epson printer’s control panel.
  2. Note: Do not hold the Ink button for more than three seconds.
  3. When the Power LED stops blinking, try to print a Nozzle Check Pattern page to check the print quality.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the Nozzle Check Pattern page’s print quality, repeat the previous step to clean the print head.

Cleaning the Print Head Of the Epson Printer Using the Head Cleaning Utility

  1. Check if you have turned on the Epson printer. Also, check if the Ink LED is turned off.
  2. On your Windows computer, launch the Epson printer’s software.
  3. Navigate to the File menu and then click the Print or Print Setup button.
  4. When you see the next dialog window, click the printer, Setup, Options, or Properties button to access the software of the Epson printer.
  5. Navigate to the Utility tab and then select the Head Cleaning option.
  6. Perform the on-screen prompts to clean the print head of the Epson printer.
  7. At the time of print head cleaning, the Power LED and Ink LED keep blinking.
  8. As soon as you see the Power LED stop blinking, press the Print Nozzle Check Pattern button.
  9. If the pattern is not satisfactory, perform the print head cleaning again.