Scanning makes everything easier! You don’t have to submit all the hard copies of your documents manually when there comes an option to email them from your printer. With the help of Epson printers, scanning to email has become much easier than we expected ever before. Let’s see how it is done. Continue reading the instructions below to learn a clear-cut procedure to complete the Epson WF-3720 Scan to Email setup.

Before you do any action:

  • Make sure that you have a pre-configured email server.
  • Ensure that the time and date settings are correct on your printer.
  • Connect your printer to your local wireless network.
  • You should have installed the Epson printer software on your computer.

Registering the email address:

  • Go to your printer’s control panel and press the Home button.
  • Select the Scan option and choose Email to create a new contact for scanning to email.
  • Tap the Contacts button and select Add Entry.
  • Select Add Contact and then enter the email address you want to add to your Contacts list.
  • Touch OK to save the settings you have configured for the Epson WF-3720 scan to email setup.

Scanning to email using the control panel:

The advanced methods may vary based on the error or problem that you’re encountering.

  • First, place the original document on the scanner glass.
  • If necessary, you can insert the document into the ADF.
  • Touch Scan from the control panel.
  • Select the Email option.
  • Choose Contacts if you wish to add the recipient email address from your Contacts list.
  • Select Keyboard to manually enter your recipient email address.
  • To select the required scan settings, tap the Scan Settings button.
  • Choose the file format you want for your scan.
  • Do not leave the Subject and other mandatory fields empty for your email. You can specify these settings from the File Name settings menu.
  • If necessary, press the Preset button to save your scan settings.
  • Finally, tap the Send button to scan and send your document to your recipient email address.

Now, you have completed the Epson WF-3720 scan to email setup. Contact our technical experts if you need assistance with the scan to email setup.