How to Connect Epson XP-440 to Laptop?

METHOD 1: Wireless Connection

Steps to do how to connect Epson XP-440 to Laptop:

  1. Take out the installation CD which came along with the printer.
  2. Insert it into your computer and follow the instructions to install the driver.
  3. If there is no CD drive in the laptop, the installation driver can be downloaded from the official Epson website under Support and driver downloads.
  4. Once the pop up opens, you will find the license agreement, software, Installation, Setup and Summary.
  5. Tick the check box on the options you want to install with your driver, like drivers and utilities, photo scan and Guide book.
  6. Click Install and the progress takes several minutes to complete.
  7. The printer setup gives you two options; A wireless connection and a Direct USB Connection.
  8. It asks two options, namely ‘set up PC for the first time’ and ‘the printer is already connected to a wireless network.
  9. Select the first option and click Next.
  10. A Wi-Fi Auto Connect box will appear confirming the wireless connection, click Next.
  11. The installer will automatically connect the Epson XP-440 to the network, and the setup is complete.
  12. If the connection fails, it shows a Wireless Setup method – using printer control panel buttons or a temporary USB cable connection.
  13. Option 1- gives you the Wireless Network showing you the SSID name which has your Wi-Fi name and the Wi-Fi password.
  14. Choose the option 1 and click Next.
  15. This opens up a start wireless setup showing you the images from the Epson’s control panel.
  16. Select the Left arrow until you find the Wi-Fi setup and then press OK. Press the OK on the setup wizard screen.
  17. It takes a little time to detect your wireless network connection and finally displays a list of networks around you.
  18. Once you select your network connection, key-in your Wi-Fi password.
  19. It shows up your Information saying that the SETUP is complete.
  20. Select Yes if you want to print report. Your printer is set up and ready for printing.

METHOD 2: USB Connection(Temporary)

  1. In the printer setup when it displays two options,
  2. The Wi-Fi setup (Using the printer Button)
  3. Choose the ‘Using temporary USB cable connection.’
  4. When your wireless connection displays your network, click Next and Continue.
  5. Make sure your laptop and the printer are connected by a USB cable.
  6. Wait until the laptop detects your printer.
  7. Once it does, it shows up a printer setup.
  8. A firewall pop-up will show. If it does, click Unblock so the next steps can take place.
  9. Next select your SSID from the displayed list.
  10. Enter your Security Key/Password.
  11. It takes several minutes for the configuration to complete. It displays a confirmation message.
  12. When the prompt is displayed, USB can be disconnected. Click Finish upon completing the installation.
  13. Select your Epson XP440 from the drop-down list and then click Add.
  14. The how to connect Epson XP-440 to laptop process successfully completed..
Epson XP-440 USB Connection