How To Connect Epson Xp 830 To Wifi Network?

  1. You can connect your Epson XP 830 to your wireless network using the control panel of your printer.
  2. Install any necessary software and set up your printer first. 
  3. You can find the user manual where you can refer to the software installation, which will further guide you to the wireless setup for your printer.
  4. On your LCD screen of the printer, touch the home icon.
  5. This will display a list of options, choose a setup.
  6. You can scroll down until you find the Wi-Fi setup, and select the Wi-Fi option.
  7. This will display you a list of options:
  8. Wi-Fi Setup Wizard
  1. Push Button Setup (WPS)
  2. PIN Code Setup (WPS).
  3. Select the first option, the Wi-Fi setup wizard.
  4. You will find all the wireless networks available around your area.
  5. You can select your network or even enter the name manually (manual entry requires, you need to select other networks and enter your username).
  6. Once done, the screen will display you a keypad where you can enter the password of your wireless network.
  7. Once you have entered your password, press Done.
  8. You can preview your network settings. Tap Proceed to save them.