Fix: How To Fix Epson L3110 Color Printing Problem

Though it comes with advanced technology and several awesome features, the Epson L3110 printer might trouble you with a cartridge problem. Such a cartridge problem may lead to issues in color printing. When you perform the desired functions with your Epson L3110 printer, you may come across such errors, which may interfere with your normal work. Just look at the simple guidelines mentioned on this page to troubleshoot the color printing problem.

Troubleshooting the Epson L3110 color printing problem

Initially, check whether the printer is turned on and the printer is performing well or not. Sometimes, by mistake, you might not have connected the power cable securely to your printer, or the printer might not be turned on. This could lead to a printing problem.

  1. So, check whether the power cord is securely connected at both ends and also that the Epson L3110 printer is turned on. Resume the printing work. This could help you resolve the color printing problem with your Epson L3110 printer.
  1. Additionally, if the correct printer driver is not downloaded and if you are using an incorrect printer driver, you’ll not be able to do the printing work. To fix this problem, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver immediately to resolve the printing problem with the Epson L3110 printer.

By cleaning the print head, you’ll be able to fix the color printing problem with your Epson L3110 printer.

Cleaning the print head using the printer control panel

Initially, check if there are any errors on the LCD. If yes, fix those errors first. Load a few sheets of paper if the printer is not yet loaded with paper.

  1. On the printer control panel, press the Home button.
  2. Navigate to the Setup screen and then press the OK button. Now, you need to go to the Maintenance screen.
  3. Select Head Cleaning and then continue to press the Start button. You’ll see a power light flashing when the print head starts the cleaning process.
  4. Now, select the Nozzle Check option and then press OK.
  5. Run a nozzle check if necessary.

That’s it. You’ve now seen how to fix the Epson L3110 color printing problem.