How to Install Epson LQ-300+II Printer in Windows 10?

Epson LQ-300+ii is a 24-pin dot-matrix printer that comes with two built-in interfaces such as parallel and EIA-232D serial. Here we’ll show you how to install Epson LQ-300+II printer in Windows 10 computer.

Before going into the installation process, Check if the printer’s physical setup has been completed. Make sure that you have installed the knob, paper supports, and ribbon cartridge on your printer correctly. Similarly, make sure that you have run a self-test on your printer. If not, run it by referring to the instructions given in the printer’s Start Here guide.

Now, let’s see how to install Epson LQ-300+ii.

Install Epson Printer Using Parallel Interface

First of all, get a shielded, twisted-pair cable. Then, connect the printer to your Windows 10 computer using the cable. You can connect the cable to any of the available interfaces and the printer switches automatically to the appropriate interface.

Step 1: Connect the Epson LQ-300+II Printer to your Windows 10

You can connect this Epson printer to your computer, either using a parallel interface or a serial interface for install Epson LQ-300+II printer in Windows 10.

Step2: Install Epson LQ-300+II Printer Using The Serial Interface

  1. Make sure that the printer and your computer are turned OFF.
  2. Connect the printer to your computer using the serial interface.
  3. If you wish to change the baud rate, parity bit, and data length, you can do it by changing the Printer Settings.

To change the printer settings, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Turn off your Epson LQ-300+ii printer.
  2. Again, turn on your printer while holding down the Font button.
  3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to change printer settings.

Step 3: Install Epson LQ-300+ii Printer in Windows 10

  1. Go to your Windows 10 computer’s Control Panel section.
  2. Open the Printers menu by double-clicking on it.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. From the list of printers, select the Epson LQ-300+ii printer.
  5. Click the Install button followed by Setup.
  6. Complete the how to install Epson LQ-300+II printer in Windows 10 computer by following the on-screen instructions.

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