Fix: How To Refill Ink Epson L3110

With the All-in-One ink tank printer, Epson EcoTank L3110, you can print excellent print quality photos without color distortion. But have you ever run out of ink? It is a part of the printer cycle. You should refill the ink on your Epson L3110 printer when the ink tank is nearly empty.

Learn how to refill the ink on your Epson L3110 printer by reading the instructions given below.

  1. With the Epson printer turned on, open the ink tank cover.
  2. Next, open the cap of the ink tank you are going to refill.
  3. Open the ink bottle and insert it into the filling port.
  4. Once the tank is filled, close the ink tank cap.
  1. Repeat the above steps to refill the ink for the rest of the ink tanks on your printer.
  2. After filling all the ink tanks, close the ink tank cover.

How to check the print quality?

After refilling the ink tanks, you should adjust the print quality.

  1. To begin with, turn off your printer.
  2. Press and hold the Stop button and Power button simultaneously until the printer turns on.
  1. Now, the nozzle check pattern will be printed on your printer.
  2. Check the printed pattern to determine whether the print head is clean or not.

What to do if your print quality is poor after refilling ink on your Epson L3110 printer?

Cleaning the print head nozzles is the only option to retain the print quality of your Epson L3110 printer.

  1. Before starting, make sure that no lights indicate errors.
  2. Ensure that your printer is loaded with enough paper.
  3. Next, press and hold the Stop button for at least five seconds to start the cleaning cycle.
  4. The Power button stops flashing when the print head cleaning process is finished.
  5. Finally, run a nozzle check to confirm that your print head is clean.

In case you are stuck while refilling the ink tanks or cleaning the print head, contact our technical experts.