How to Replace Ink Cartridge in Epson XP-830 Printer?

When the ink cartridge is low, you have to replace it with a new one.

Check Ink Cartridge Status:

The Cartridge status can be checked using:

  1. Printer’s LCD panel  
  2. Using Windows or Mac computer

Below are the instructions to check cartridge status on the Epson XP 830 printer’s LCD panel.

  1. Go to the home screen of the Epson XP 830 printer, select the Setup option followed by the Ink Levels option.
  2. Now, you can see the status of the ink cartridge on the LCD panel of the printer.
  3. Once done with checking the ink cartridge status, press the OK or Home button on the operation panel of the Epson XP830 printer.
Check Epson XP-830 Printer Ink Status

Steps: How to Replace Ink Cartridge in Epson XP-830 Printer

On the Epson XP 830 printer’s operation panel, select the following options in order.

  1. Setup
  2. Maintenance
  3. Ink Cartridge Replacement
  4. Start
  5. Lift-open the Epson XP 830 printer’s scanner unit. Take out the old ink cartridge from the printer.
  6. The packing material cartridge is to be removed from the new ink cartridge.
  7. If you are replacing the black ink cartridge, shake it well before unpacking it from the protective and packing material.
  8. If you replace photo black or color ink cartridges, you are strongly recommended not to shake it.
  9. Twist the ink cartridge cap to open and place the unpacked ink cartridge in the ink cartridge holder.
  10. Ensure that the ink cartridge is fitted correctly in the cartridge slot.
  11. After the ink cartridges of the Epson XP 830 printer, close its scanner unit properly.
  12. Now, the printer automatically charges the ink cartridges.
  13. The confirmation message will be displayed on the Epson XP 830 printer’s LCD panel only if the ink cartridge replacement gets finished. For, remote assist related how to replace ink cartridge in Epson XP-830 Printer or troubleshooting solution reach us.