How to Reset Epson Printer

If you want to reset the printer for fixing any issue, it is advised that you keep that as the last resort, when all the other troubleshooting steps fail.

Sometimes, a simple power cycle can help you fix the issue.

Power Cycle Your Epson Printer
  1. Pull the power cord from the Epson printer and the electrical power outlet, after turning off the printer.
  2. After a while, plug the power cord back into the Epson printer and turn it on.
Performing the Hard Reset
  • Search for the Reset button at the rear side of the Epson printer. Note that all models of the Epson printer will have a Reset button.
  • After finding the Reset button, press it using a paper clip.
  • This will reset the Epson printer to the default factory settings.
  • For some Epson printers, there is an option termed ‘Initialize Settings’ available under Printer Setup Menu. Once you execute it, all the printer settings will be restored to factory defaults.
How to reset Epson Printer