How To Setup Epson Printer On Chromebook?

Epson printers have more varieties and users can make changes according to their preferences. Most of the Epson printers also support mobile printing and wireless printing, and it is highly recommended to get an Epson printer if you do not have one.Now, let’s say you have an Epson printer that can do all the printing and scanning tasks to your Chromebook. The first process is you will need to learn how to setup Epson printer on Chromebook. There are many users who are less tech-savvy and would want to know how to connect the Epson printer to the Chromebook. If you are one among them, you are in the right place for assistance.If you want to set up your Epson printer on Chromebook, you need to follow certain procedures. (NOTE: Let us assume that you have the Epson printer completely set up and it is ready for connection).

There Are Two Ways To Connect:

  1. Connect Epson printer to Chromebook manually
  1. Connect using Wi-Fi

Method 1: Add Epson Printer Manually

  1. Ensure that the USB cable is connected firmly between the Epson printer and the Chromebook laptop.
  2. On your Chromebook laptop, select Time.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Click the Advanced option located at the bottom.
  5. Select the Printers option under Printing.
  6. Select the Add Printer button in the Add Printer section.
  7. Enter the printer information when prompted. Enter the Name, printer IP address, and the IPP protocol.
  8. Select Add.
  9. As soon as the setup is over, you can start using the Epson printer.

Method 2: Set Up Epson Printer On Chromebook Using Wi-fi

If you have an Epson printer that can go wireless, the process can be simple than the previous method. You need to connect the Epson printer to the same wireless network as the Chromebook laptop.

  1. Ensure that the Epson printer is placed within the proximity radius of the router.
  2. Press Settings on your Epson printer control panel.
  3. Use the navigation buttons and select Wireless LAN Setup
  4. Press the OK button. 
  1. Select the Other Setup option.
  2. Press the OK button.
  3. Choose Manual Setup > Cableless Setup.
  4. Follow the commands on the screen and the printer will be connected to the network.

Follow either of the methods as described in this article on how to setup Epson printer on Chromebook. Click the CALL button on this page for further clarifications with our dedicated technical team.