How To Setup Epson Printer Wifi?

Epson is one of the renowned printer manufacturers present in the world. Their printer models are known for their staggering performance and consistent print quality. With some of the wide range of features the printer possesses, you can easily set up the Epson printer to your wireless network. Once connected, you can perform many tasks without the need for a cluster of wires.

Here’s a solution to How To Setup Epson Printer Wifi.


  • Unpack the printer and place it closer to your wireless network.
  • Peel off the protective tapes surrounding the printer body and discard them.
  • Lift the scanning unit and remove all the packaging material present inside.
  • Lower the scanning unit.
  • Take out the AC power cord.
  • Connect one end of the power cord to an electrical outlet and the other end to the back of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Insert the ink cartridges into their holders. If your printer comes with an ink tank, take out the ink bottles and fill the ink tanks according to the color indications.
  • Wait for the printer to charge the ink.
  • Pull the paper tray from the bottom of the printer to install the paper stack.
  • Move the paper guides to the extreme ends.
  • Place a paper stack on the paper tray and adjust the guides accordingly.
  • Insert the paper tray into the printer.


  • Based on the Epson printer you own, it might or might not come with an installation CD. If your printer doesn’t come with an installation CD, you can download the printer driver from the official support page of Epson.
  • Insert the installation CD into the CD/DVD drive.

  • Wait for the installer window to open.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Once the connection screen appears, choose the wireless connection method.

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