How to Print on Cardstock Epson XP-310?

The Epson XP 310 printer supports printing on cardstock, but it should be semi-thick. Only one cardstock can be printed at a time, and it takes more time to print compared to regular paper printing.


Carry out these steps to complete the how to print on cardstock Epson XP-310 printer:

  1. Power up the Epson XP-310 printer and ensure that all the hardware connections are proper as guided in the user manual.
  2. Make sure that the driver software and basic print settings are configured before starting the print.
  3. Load a card in the paper input tray with proper paper guides adjustment.
  4. Pull out the paper output tray and extend the paper stopper pad.
  5. You can also refer to the user guide or manual to set up the paper loading for a cardstock on your Epson printer.
  6. Navigate to the computer and click the Start button to open the Control Panel.
  7. Click on the Hardware and Sound tab and select Devices and Printers.
  8. Give a right-click on the printer icon to select Printing Preferences.
  9. Click the Maintenance tab, click on the Printer and Option Information option, and mark the Thick paper and envelopes checkbox.
  10. Click the OK button prompted in the message to confirm your action.
  11. Now, you can print the cardstock using the general printing steps.
  12. Make sure to disable the settings mentioned above while you perform the regular paper printing.