Epson Printer Models

Epson printers were first introduced to the world in the late 1960. This world’s first mini printer was named EP-101, where EP stands for Electronic Printer. Today Epson offers a wide range of printers for homes, small and large businesses. The Epson Expression, is a range of printers introduced for home printing. These printers with simple design are all in one machines, i.e. they can print, copy and scan. They produce high quality print jobs and have a display panel to make printing easy.

Epson Workforce was solely designed for small businesses. The easy mobile printing and work group connectivity, makes WorkForce suitable to connect between small work groups. They also have good print speeds and are reliable. EcoTank printers are the new launch from Epson. These Supertank all-in-one printers have a revolutionary ink replacement technology. It gives you a matchless combination of value and convenience. They also have super-high-capacity ink tanks. These tanks are refillable and the inks are low cost. However, the printer comes with sufficient ink that could last up to two years.

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